Unbelievers Love Stealing From The Christian Worldview


Unbelievers hate our God but want His blessings.

Alton Johnson

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  1. cynthia Erickson says:

    Many beleive Christ was a good guy,teacher or prophet and will use His words to benefit themselves,yet they reject His teachings on sin,forgiveness,hell and that He is God

  2. J. Russell says:

    Amen. I was just listening to Frank Turek, and he’s says the same thing.

  3. Rachelle Walters says:

    You're right on about many of the points you're making. You're right about how anti-Christian people try to use God's teaching for their own Godless agenda. The only thing that I disagreed with is the part were you spoke about grace and good works. We are saved by grace, but the bible sais that "Faith without works is dead." We can't spend our time living sinful lives, and expect God to believe that we love him. "Those who love me will obey me" So when people say that good works are dirty rags. The scriptures actually say that "Faith without works is dead" No we can't earn salvation, but once we receive the grace of God, we have to follow Jesus Christ. We follow Jesus by keeping his commandments, and by doing good works. God bless you

  4. Over50andFantabulous says:

    Brother, you are speaking the truth.
    ~Grandma Lynn

  5. Charles Hope says:

    Everybody wants to go their own way, because they don't have the fear of God in them and really believe that there will be no consequences to their actions, Jesus is the moral standard, the authority if you will, remember even Lucifer imitates and tries to duplicate everything christ does

  6. Missy Miss says:

    We want mercy because it's in our favor. We don't want judgment because being judged is being held accountable. When we rebel, we resist the authority that brings truth.

  7. Nashvillain says:


  8. Topg1 says:

    I appreciate your fervor for the gospel. I believe in order to be effective we have to weep with people that weep. Nipsey may/may not have been saved. It evident that his death meant a lot to people. In scripture we Jesus saw people were hurting he grieved with them. Then he revealed that he was the Messiah. Pray for those impacted by the death of Nipsey. Also that they may turn to Christ who conquered death, hell, and the grave

  9. Errol for the kulcha says:

    Religion and enslavement….can you explain why the Bible is missing books?

  10. Deidra Jones says:

    Absolute Truth found only in Christ. They only want the God that they create in their image.

  11. God Over Everything says:

    Amen brother!

  12. Bombalurina says:

    – They are stealing our worldview.
    – They are suppressing the truth.

    Sounds like you are upset atheists are acting morally and "like Christ" without accepting Christ and that's somehow upsetting you. Even Jesus spoke of the good Samaritan as a positive thing, so where is the issue?

    Would you prefer they didn't emulate your "worldview"?

  13. Thomas Williams says:

    Why are Christians so confined to pessimistic morals of mediocrity?

  14. Thomas Williams says:

    Spiritual knowledge is infinite. You Christians have confined yourself to virtual beliefs. You really don't know who the Most High is more less Christ.

    Nipsey lived a transformation in life and death. All his light will be weighed and accounted for in flesh and spirit.

    You Christian don't see how a Man is a Spirit. Not just God, and Christ, Humans are spirits too.

    Your Degree of Christ is just a fraction of the Greater Knowledge. Wisdom, and Overstanding of the Most High.

  15. Vickman Handy says:

    Well said brother Alton people want the blessings of God but don't want to line up with the satisfaction of God…. they don't want to live holy, they want to live their own way.

  16. Classic Rock Chick says:

    Thank you Brother! And well said. The hypocrisy of the Christ-haters is astounding.

  17. Xaiid Legacy says:

    Good stuff

  18. Paullus Armstrong says:

    They steal from Christ because they have nothing of their own.
    It gives them a sense of power and justification for their own blighted souls.
    I feel bad for people like that.
    Stay strong in the Lord.

  19. G Man says:

    Good points.

  20. Lee Richards says:

    Nipsey didn't know GOD, you don't know GOD, and surely he doesn't know you. Man you preach more blasphemy than anyone on youtube. Your knowledge and understanding of scripture is got your followers believing the christian church is in alignment with the bible. Show me Easter eggs and bunnies in the bible. You're leading your so-call African Americans (Israelites) followers to the lake of fire. And your gentile followers on a false journey to salvation. You're helping to keep our people in a gentile state of mind. Didn't GOD say in Deuteronomy 28-68 we were sold as bond men and women to our enemies. Ain't we still here in that same place with the same people. We're still slaves it just comes in the form of a 9 til 5 now, with a little pay. What have these people ever given us willingly? Name one basic human necessity given to us without a march? But all of a sudden you negroes feel reparated. When you go to church sunday make sure you tell the easter bunny Yahawashi is on his way home to cleanse up all idolatry and abominations. Keep mixing laws and commandments with lies and fairytales and watch your outcome. Just because you don't understand the bible doesn't make GOD words a lie. Until you get outta that roman christian, hellenistic Israelite to mindset, you ain't never gonna know GOD.

  21. Relaxing Sounds says:

    Stop wasting your time because Christianity and other religions is not true, because the Illuminati created Religions many upon many years ago.

    The god your defending refuse to help those children in starvation for days.

    Athiest are angry about how they was taught and come an find truth, you religious people only accept and believe what you taught without logic, reason and evidence and observation.

  22. The day approaches says:


  23. Mae Altema says:

    I agree