The Secret History of the Abandoned Church in Lemoyne | Red Dead Redemption 2

Showcase Gameplay Tutorial video about the easter egg random encounter when Lemoyne Raiders at the battlefield church which interests Arthur Morgan in his journal talk about the history of the Church in Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. Indo-J says:

    I love that all of the places and ruins have a story in this game! Nice to know the history of this church now!

  2. griff t says:

    I shot this bell today and I swear to god I heard another bell go off in the distance as if some was was responding…

  3. Goines says:

    auto-aim.. ugh…

  4. AMarqzM says:

    Is it just me or they kill u pretty fast

  5. JustWatch UnlimitedBladeWorks says:

    For some reason the minute I killed them all the game loaded me back to camp as if I was killed or quick-traveled.
    And I did die a couple of times before I killed them, after one of which Dutch actually joined me and attacked them with me.
    Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone?

  6. Rome Fortunato says:

    5:32 what does that journey entry say? I that’s a sketch of billy midnight or Jim boy

  7. Rome Fortunato says:

    The powder was gunpowder

  8. Uncle B says:

    Lemoyne raiders are just stupid confederate soldiers trying to act tough don’t listen to them guys u too indo j don’t listen to them

  9. Power OfThuum says:


  10. Micah Bell says:

    Look at Black Lung, scurrying around an old church. Just like a rat.

  11. DarKoul says:


  12. yung cloud says:

    Mr.BossFTW next video:
    10 minutes long

  13. Cosmic Love says:

    good upload, boah

  14. Ricky Dimaz Yudistira says:

    Indo-j i hope you want to create my custom cattleman revolver and this the recipe its called the M1877 "thunderer"
    -Standard rifling
    -barrel white color
    -trigger gold color
    -cylinder gold color
    -frame white color
    -grip hero pearl
    -full engravings buroque gold color
    -hammer gold color
    -sight gold color

  15. Katrina Wallace says:

    you get little views when you don't make clickbait content and when you don't make over 10 minute videos and i though we all hated clickbait videos and why do you have so little views

  16. Jonzey 56 says:

    So did jack really go to war after the Wild West ended ?

  17. outlaw signal va says:

    Rdr2 is very mistryus

  18. JM says:

    Okay but who buz cuts arthur

  19. Bloodmime says:

    Thank you for creating quality content and actually getting to the point, unlike some rdr youtubers we know…

  20. SomeDude WhoDraws93 says:

    Oh shit! Imagine it of Rockstar added church ghosts in that building at night or something :O

  21. John Marston says:

    It's a reference to the civil war scene in the good, the bad and the ugly. Where the man with no name dons his signature poncho for the first time in that film. The church is identical, the cannon outside and everything.

  22. Mr. Executioner says:

    the secret of this church is
    that he has got lumbaGo

  23. dankaroni. exe says:

    Moral of the story is that place is spoopy

  24. Kyle Liberty says:

    those damn raiders

  25. 紫の夢ら says:

    I always got an eerie vibe from the church and battlefield

  26. te1 says:

    Thank you for getting to the point and not always stretching your video out to 10 mimutes

  27. Birdlad says:

    They put that much attention to detail into this game that buildings that aren't even important have backstories. Great video as always, Indo

  28. cow raiser Milton says:

    There's an abandoned town near by it further and you can inspect it as John marston

  29. Marcos Valdez says:

    This isn’t really a secret

  30. Lenny Summers says:

    I was buried near there

  31. Lodi JUST Lodi says:

    I'm already seen this guys. They are bad

  32. mcnutting ton says:

    What did you do to Arthur's hair it scares me

  33. Alexander geerdink says:

    It’s a church for the greatest Irish man in whole America

  34. Agent Edgar Ross says:

    Where s john

  35. VS- Btd says:

    You can actually sit in one of the windows on the second floor

  36. Spicy taco 59 says:

    You are probably the only YouTuber with quality content and non-clickbait

  37. Vivicy CREATIONS says:

    Dutch:I have a plan John

    John:You always have a plan Dutch!

    Arthur:And it always involves a GODDAMN TRAIN

  38. RedMax says:

    why you dont do a video abaot wreck of the serendipity in rdr2

  39. CrazyyEU says:

    1 sub away from 16k

  40. Robert says:

    It was a outpost when in war