God has seen your tears. He has heard your cry and He is about to deliver you. It is your time to prosper on God’s calendar, but you must connect yourself with God’s appointed deliverer. God used Moses to deliver the Israelites at the Red Sea. He used Joseph to deliver nations from a severe famine. Now is your turn. God wants to use this prayer to bring deliverance in your time of financial difficulty.

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Pastors Sean and Aimee Pinder

I do not own the rights to these songs. I enjoy worshipping God and singing these songs on our broadcasts because it has blessed me personally countless times.

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  1. O. Andrew Campbell says:

    I will recover ALL my financial loss in the name of Jesus Christ! Everything that the devil has stolen from my life is being returned 100 fold right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Restoration is happening right now in the name of Jesus! I am the head and not the tail! Praise God from whom all my blessings flow and in whom I put all my trust. Amen

  2. O. Andrew Campbell says:

    I receive a large money miracle. Glory to God!

  3. O. Andrew Campbell says:

    I believe and receive 2020 vision in my eyes right now in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ! Amen

  4. O. Andrew Campbell says:

    Glory to God in the highest! My financial life is now blessed beyond measure by the power of the Holy Spirit of God. I am truly grateful. Praise God from whom all my blessings flow and in whom I put all my trust. Amen

  5. O. Andrew Campbell says:

    I connect and agree in prayer with Pastor Sean Pinder for the glory of Almighty God who will bless me with financial abundance. Money is coming to me in abundance for the glory of Almighty God. Financial abundance is coming into my life right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the glory of Almighty God. Everything that the devil has stolen from my life is being returned 100 fold in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thanks to God for all that has been done for me and my family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I believe and receive my financial miracle right now in the name of Jesus. God is giving me a financial miracle to go back to school and further my education and training with new skills and knowledge for the glory of God Almighty. Amen

  6. Niddy Gardner says:

    Lord jesus blessed Ansel in his direction in all his way direct his life and to be humble before your son jesus christ..
    Dennian lord blessed him in life and business with great success…anen

  7. Niddy Gardner says:

    Lord I believe every word pastor Sean prophesied in my life and I received in jesus…am getting ready to move jesus and getting ready in my father house are many mansion and if it not so I wouldn't have tell you and go prepared for you that where I be…you',all be also..
    God iam tired of dreadful and evil life….I need you rest and peace in my life and let you fight all jesus powerful name..amem

  8. Niddy Gardner says:

    First God I want peace in my life among these evil peoples…lord jesus give a blessed home and good paying job and fight all my battle for me…fight God…fight with your son jesus christ. God go before me and let this crooked place become straight…break it God ..break it the gate of hell…I bind every devil…demons…witchcraft..and obeah..and it bound in heaven..please save me to declared the work of God…iam the God of Israel…you are my God…you are my God…God please give me a high paying job to take care of myself…family…and those inneed…God I receive right now and I believe..I treated wrong fully lord help me…help me for favour lord..I thank you God for open doors..I thank you God for everything..

  9. Margaret Rodrigues says:

    Praise the lord pastor sean god bless you pray for us to pay the bills children fees loans n depths two years become nothing is going right financially please pray for us that god should provide us miracle money n i claim it by faith it will done by my lord god n saviour Amen

  10. Anitha Jose says:

    Amen. Please pray for my own house and Land. Financial blessing.Nikhil and Nihal salvation deliverence healing protection for own house for them.Thank you.

  11. Marlyn Molavi says:

    I believe that i receive my financial breakthrough this year. Pay all my debts,, thank you JESUS

  12. Kids World 6# says:

    I stand in agreement with this prayer

  13. Desiree Danpal says:

    my business is struggling, with this lockdown, it's gotten worse

  14. Desiree Danpal says:

    pst Shaun I received a touch in my body, severe back and shoulder pain,

  15. Sharon Evans says:

    Pray for my son he needs a job.

  16. leonine benit says:

    Thank you for your intecessory prayers. Thank you Lord for healing my hips and destroying the Zoster.vIrus and spondylitis antibodies inmy body amen

  17. Shameca Green says:

    Yes me believe everything going to okay

  18. Shameca Green says:


  19. Michelle Hoaks says:

    Yes agreement thank you this is michelle and Robert Hoaks in Jesus name we pray amen

  20. Ronald Miller says:

    I connect in Faith I believe and receive in the Name of Jesus Christ and I come in agreement with the Man of God and all my Christian Family responding to this video to God be the glory amen and amen.

  21. Opal Daley says:

    I receive the word Paster Pinder

  22. Opal Daley says:

    GOD Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ I thank you for ur love for us ur people keep us in one accord Lord remind us each day God that it is u that hath made us and not we urselves I Love you Lord and I want to serve u with all my bieng I praise ur name Lord bless this man servant of yours God as he pray for us for a better life provide continuously Lord for his family and ministry I pray Lord all these Mercy I ask in Jesus's precious name Amen

  23. Jaco Faurie says:

    Amen I agree and receive this prayers in Jesus name by faith Amen

  24. Jaco Faurie says:

    Amen I agree and receive this prayer in Jesus name by faith Amen