Yoga and Christianity: a difference in spirituality


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  1. Zubin Premjee says:

    The yoga that you guys do is not even proper yoga. Its just yogic physical exercise and some breathing meditation which is just a small part of yoga..

  2. Andras Nolsøe says:

    Maybe you chrisitans should invent something positive for yourself
    instead of just stealing pagan stuff. Christians ought to stay away from
    activities invented by pagans – Find your own god damn activities –

    Another example is Yule (christmass). Yule is also pagan, it's from
    ancient European traditions – it's not a god damn christian hollyday.
    The christians have ruined yule by introducing stupid jewish stuff into
    it. Yule is for the European people and the pagans – not for muslims,
    atheists, jews or (((christians)))

  3. Swami Paramatma says:

    All should understand that real Yoga is all about the Hindu religion and then make their choice. Today's "Yoga" is basically phony as it is divorced from Hinduism.

  4. Jesus is Lord says:

    That’s not Christianity that Catholicsm
    Christianity is a relationship with Jesus
    But you don’t worship the Virgin Mary or other idols and the pope can’t forgive you for your sins or be-called father

  5. Joseph Diaz says:

    I thought i was just stretching lol

  6. Ash Kumar says:

    Spirituality STARTS where Abrahamic Religion ENDS.. Religion says "If you don't know, you BELIEVE".. in some crock cooked up by medieval charlattans.. Spirituality says "If you don't know, YOU (repeat YOU) SEEK".. Seek what?? Not some God UP there in heaven (Btw, which side is UP in the Universe?), but the Truth existing WITHIN you.. Brahman (super consciousness) or God is both transcendent and immanent.. So EVERYTHING is GOD.. cause nothing can exist OUTSIDE of GOD.. Including this SATAN.. The Christian God is NOT the all powerful, hence this inferiority complex towards other faiths..

    Yoga helps to create that small GAP to detach from the external awareness of senses, of "I" or "ME".. And yes, the practice leading to detachment to the physically bound outlook to life is HINDUISM, or Eternal Way of Life, whether one likes it or not..

  7. Adam N.T. Protester says:

    People who believe in universality of religion are ignorant. The TRUTH IS that the ONE TRUE GOD, HIS WORD & HIS BREATH ARE UNIVERSAL IN SCOPE AND NATURE.
    This can be understood using a metaphor… lets say GOD 'poured' himself out into the world.
    1. Even if you GATHER ALL that which GOD poured out into the world…. it is still an infintismally small portion of GOD.
    2. Even if you DIVIDE ALL that which GOD poured out jnto the world… it is still insignificant in comparison to the still infinitely greater portikn of the UNITY OF GOD that remains.

    yoga, I ching & chang, cheech & chong… it doesnt matter what you call these LIES..they are NOT the TRUTH!
    JESUS IS the TRUTH and satan is the father of all lies!
    So, there are as many LIES as their are libtarded snowflakes AND EACH 'identifies' differently… yet it REMAINS AS IT WAS, AS IT IS, AS IT ALWAYS SHALL BE:

    infinitely many lies still do not add up to one truth!
    The TRUTH has a power all its own.
    So dont fall for this trap & LIE of satan… yoga IS a way to OCCUPY your time, mind & spirit NOT:
    engaged teaching your children, mentoring the young, giving charity, raising your family, reading your scripture, praying… being a peace maker, fighting agsinst evil….. and on & on….
    There is no extra time GOD has allotted… GOD numbered the hairs on your head & every moment of every day he prepared for you BEFORE HE EVEN CALLED YOU INTO BEING THROUGH HIS WORD.
    So dont be fooled by this b*llsh*t that yoga is some benign 'spiritual path' to spirituality….

    Not in the testimony I HAVE ALREADY BEEN GIVEN! FACT!
    JESUS had different lessons to teach!
    yoga is a LIE
    satan is the father of ALL lies
    Don't say you didnt know… because NOW YOU KNOW!
    You are welcome.
    Donations to help the homeless carpenter fighting his legal case can be sent to Fr. Bava Holy Redeemer 206 New York Ave NW, Washington DC…mention the donation is for the homeless carpenter Liam with the legal case he is fighting…. blessings!

  8. Andre Gauthier says:

    I'm looking to find if yoga has evil properties. So far, I can only think that finding inner calm through stretching helps my relationship with God and others.
    Does anyone have info on yoga being against God or Jesus?

  9. Servant of the Earth says:

    See my video on Christians who believe yoga and meditation are demonic

  10. Whales says:

    The Catholics don't follow scripture from it's roots.. Catholics call themselves Christians but they aren't even close to it.

  11. Abraham Philip says:

    No wonder America(spiritually Sodom & Egypt) ruled by its Sodomic Leftists & Violent Neo-Cons are embedded in Sorcery even prophesied.

  12. toastee3 says:

    Yoga practitioners don't usually molest people… so big difference there

  13. McDougle says:

    Didn't these faggot reprobate Catholics hide child molesters from justice? Why the fuck would I give a shit what they have to say about yoga? God DAMNED hypocrites.

  14. Bre Smith says:

    i am Christian,and know his peace…yoga just stretches me..The devil is taking meds to calm down,meds to wake up,meds to function,having faith is not in jeopardy,my faith in God alone.

  15. Peter Aiello says:

    There is no Jesus Christ in non-Biblical spiritualities even when Biblical imagery is used. Biblical spirituality requires an object towards which we apply unconditional trust. This object is Christ. Non-Biblical spiritualities do not apply an outward thrust of the mind of unconditional trust in their practices. They go inward. The use of Biblical imagery does not change this.

  16. KV V says:

    Yoga is a satanic tricks and people suck up into it are devils' worshipers.

  17. moldyoreo says:

    Yoga eng, eh?

  18. Joe Frazer says:

    What a load of nonsense if it helps people and provides ease what's the harm.What planet are these guys on , what are they communicating ?