“Worship” preached by Pastor Steven L Anderson at Faithful Word Baptist Church


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  1. t687m says:

    Great preaching once again. On the subject of worship, I think it would be good to hear a sermon on sports Idolatry and the worship service of the Stupid Bowl and such. I believe that it is a message that all Christians need to hear. I have no interest in sports or entertainment and don't even know much about either. I don't understand how people who say they worship God spend much of their time watching, studying, and talking about sports. Even destroying their living room and cursing just because their team failed to score a field goal or home run. It's insanity. I am in my nth time reading the Bible once again, but I am seeing how long it actually takes to read it. I can easily get in a lot of time reading it during these games. In the time it takes to watch every game your favorite team, you can read the Bible twice or three times over in each season. That's what I am doing.

  2. tim goss says:

    Absolutely the judgmental performance I've ever heard

  3. be the change you wanna see in the world says:

    only Almighty is worth for bowing down…so not a king not a flag. not a

  4. Annmarie Joshua says:

    what about crosses around people's neck. Is that an idol?

  5. Matty John 14:6 says:

    Great sermon. I will make more effort to bow and kneel when I pray for sure. Thanks!

  6. oscar olivarez says:

    this Easter, I went to see an Easter presentation. They had a Cross position in the center of the podium and most of the singers went and kneel to the cross giving reverence to the cross. I felt very uncomfortable watching these. Now i know why.

  7. Liza Kings says:

    l used to go to a Pentecostal church and when the Pastor stood to preach,we would also stand up and applause with clapping and ululations.

  8. Denise Braganza says:

    Steven L Anderson why are you so filled with hatred. You should have yourself treated and overcome your "SELF OBSESSION" with yourself. You keep mentioning yourself so much. It is all about you isn't it????

  9. Dennis Leveridge says:

    Please include congregational singing at the end of your videos. Thanks. This message is 'right on'.

  10. kdb burton says:

    he has not preached one sermon I didn't love he is definitely filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered by the word of God and if you don't like him its because your mind has been corrupted with traditions of men or you prefer your own human logic over the truth of the scriptures

  11. Umbra Obscurum says:

    This man is both dangerous and a fraud.

  12. Spencer Brizendine says:

    Hey Pastor, i was just wondering what you though about Mark 16:16-17. I want to take this litterally how Jesus said it, and believe it, and ask God to give me those gifts.. but then i see these "mega preachers" who call themselves "prophet" so and so, and you can tell they're full of themselves only in it to take people's money. But then there are some that really claim they have the gift of casting out devils and they go into prisons and stuff doing it for God. From what i have read in 1 Corinthians and some of Acts i am starting to really believe that the Holy Ghost gives us gifts, and we are to use them, and they don't all come from works on our end, they're a gift. idk though I'd like to know your idea of this. Thanks.

  13. john keith says:

    why cant a person be a lesbian after they are saved?

  14. Purple Elizabeth says:

    Muhammad is dead in hell. Jesus is the one true LIVING God. Most times, when i see fb posts of people showing off their prayers, fasting, and outreach to the homeless, they are work salvationists. You will know them by their fruits and they love to show them off. They are not saved and do not know Jesus. It is best to do these things for God and help others anonymously-for God to know no t man.

  15. wowo29 says:

    how is it known that Paul wrote Hebrews?

  16. Mark Snaggledine says:

    Great message. Right on the mark. Some churches you feel like your watching a performance not praising God. Church worship shouldn't sound like a night club.

  17. Mark Snaggledine says:

    Great message. Right on the mark. Some churches you feel like your watching a performance not praising God. Church worship shouldn't sound like a night club.

  18. InLaws Attic says:

    Thank you pastor Anderson!! Means so much! God Bless!!

  19. Jake Barnes says:

    I bet that Muslim guy isn't going to comment.

  20. wayne steven says:

    AND WHY ? why do we oppose the NWO,, a few reason,, but this is one reason, and this how i see it,,, they will have there NWO-one world government-currency-religion-military-etc… they will,, that is a fact,, but this is how i see it,,, we know they will have it for 7 years,, and that is fine with me, for Gods word says they will,, but i do not want them to have a NWO for 20 years, and the last 7 years of that 20 years to be the great tribulation,, and i have to live under and NWO for 13 yrs before the pre-trib rapture, or for 16 1/2 yrs if mid-trib rapture or for 20 yrs if is a post-trib rapture,,, i hope for a pre-trib rapture, but i think pre-wrath rapture makes more sense,,, but that is not my point,,, my point is this,,, i will give them there NWO-for 7 years,, because God said they would have it,, ( and God will deal with them for it),, but i do not want to live under a new world order for 10 years-20 yrs 50 yrs,,,, i will give them there 7 years, and maybe 1 year to put it in place,, but not one year more,,, that is why we oppose them…….. and the illuminati are a big part of the NWO, that is why we must oppose and expose the illuminati, and who is the illuminati ? they are the pope–rothschild brothers–and a few others–who is there leaders,, = lucifer-satan-devil-fallen one is the main dog,,, and satans generals ( other fallen angels) control the illuminati,,, but at the top,, is the devil

  21. webballshk says:


  22. Onix Pyro says:

    really great teaching and a great example of memorizing Scripture

  23. Final Retribution says:

    IN VAIN THESE FALSE PROPHETS WORSHIP OUR CREATOR AND YAHSHUA! ANDERSON IS A FALSE PROPHET LIKE THE JEWS WHO BELIEVE IN THE TALMUD! GET OUT OF BABYLON PEOPLE AND FORSAKE THIS MAN WHO IS LEADING YOU ALL TO THE WIDE GATE THAT LEADS TO DEATH! Anderson is a FALSE PROPHET who tells people Christmas which has been traditionally CELEBRATED by ancient peoples of other gods on December 25th (A FACT look it up) thinks "Jesus" will celebrate this and Easter, another FALSE Christian tradition steeped in Babylonian origin , when "Jesus" returns. Yet, Anderson NEVER EVER tells you sheeple the prophecy of: Zechariah 14:16-17 which states that the REMNANTS OF ALL THE NATIONS WILL COME TO JERUSALEM to KEEP THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES and if they do not will NOT RECEILVE ANY RAIN in the 1000 year reign of YAHSHUA : And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the FEAST OF TABERNACLES. And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain. These Catholics/Protestants and Jews who believe in the Talmud will burn in the Lake of Fire for telling people to take away the Torah or adding to the Torah! Get out of Babylon people! Repent of those teachings that teach that the Words of YAHOVAH (TORAH) is evil! They like Anderson steal verese here and there to SAY EVIL THINGS AGAINST THE TORAH – "Jesus" stated to the Devil: But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDETH OUT OF THE MOUTH OF YAHOVAH. COME OUT OF THESE BABYLONIAN FALSE PROPHETS PEOPLE! THEY RATHER KEEP CHRISTMAS AND EASTER RATHER THAN THE HOLY DAYS OF YAHOVAH OF PASSOVER AND FEAST OF TABERNACLES WHICH ARE SHADOW PICTURES OF "JESUS" FIRST AND SECOND COMING! ANDERSON WILL BURN IN THE LAKE OF FIRE – MARK MY WORDS! LOOK UP TORAHKEY666 and watch the prophecy unfold in these Last Days!

  24. Warren Barth says:

    the Pope isn't worshiped.

  25. Bradburn911 says:

    If you disagree with anything Pastor Anderson preaches… you're not right with God.

  26. warriortay 422 says:

    Thanks for
    another great sermon.

  27. BeyondThe NonSense says:


  28. JESUSistheKING Everykneeshallbow says:

    For to many years now my family has listened to Brother Steve preach and sought out to find a similar church to no avail. We have to visits this this church, and strengthen our resolve in GOD?JESUS.

  29. kthetallone203 says:

    all hail Satan and his son disciple the flying spaghetti monster. Repent for he has boiled for your sins

  30. Dillon Espe says:

    hpw do i get the KJV all places around me that sell bibles all sell other versions so let me know how i can get a KJV bible so i can follow along with steven anderson

  31. tornado 1 says:

    Could you address this guy whos name
    Joel Richardson?

  32. Gurtaj Sidhu says:

    hey dic#head pastor…if you have guts then meet this sikh man…we want to teach you Sikhism in your language…you r welcome to meet in Australia if can visit here by removing your huggies.

  33. cst498 says:

    Wow! I learn something new every time I watch a sermon of yours. I understood that people would get on their knees and worship, but it for whatever reason never crossed my mind that we should be worshipping that way. For now on, I will worship the way they did in the Bible. On my knees and face to the ground. Thanks for the sermon, Pastor!

  34. MrAnguswangus says:

    Isn't lucifer the OG show-off musician?…ha

  35. NationalLibertyParty says:

    10/10 Pastor Anderson.