With all this suffering, how could there be a God? Tim Keller at Veritas [7 of 11]

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What about the Holocaust? How could millions of people die, and there could be a God? Tim Keller responds to Prof. David Eisenbach at Columbia University.

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  1. jannmutube says:

    —- > There's no such thing as freedom without responsibility or eventual consequences. Suffering is related to original sin and disobedience (sin). The moral standards God sets are for the peace and joy of our own conscience and our own well being. Mostly, bad things happen because of poor free will choices or those of others, because we have a fallen spirit and because we live in a fallen world.

    — > However, God made a plan of reconciliation /salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ and he promised to wipe away all our tears in his kingdom, in the world to come. The wages of sin is death but God did for us what we could not do for ourselves. He paid the price himself for his judgement against us. We must admit to our fallen state and our sinful nature, ask for forgiveness for wrongdoing and to be reborn in the Spirit and transformed by his grace.

  2. Brad Jefferson says:

    It's an interesting point of view from Tim Keller, but i am not sure he really answered the question about why GOD would allow this much suffering in the World

  3. Journey of Light says:

    He intervened once. He promised the next time would be with fire. The evil powers and principalities have dominion over the Earth now. Jesus came to show us a way out. He said there would be trials and tribulations on Earth. He said if you love this life you will lose it, but if you hate this life you will save it. God has given Satan time to test all flesh and given us Jesus as our Redeemer. This is a testing of our own free will. We cannot blame God or say there is no God on the basis that the world refuses to follow Him and walk in love. We can't hate Him because of the crimes men have committed in His name. He gave the world all that we needed to conquer the penalty of sin and a fallen world. It is our individual choices what we do with it. He has promised glory in paradise to those who love Him and just righteous judgement for those who do not. This world is a battle ground for your soul. The choice is yours.

  4. tilawakoha lamiauy says:

    yes no doubt there is God… but is He fair , is He righteous … when what He did is to bless the riches and persecuted the poor … and someday , He is going to judge fairly ? if He is that generous , why people suffer like me. while He keeps giving so much financial blessings to other people…and someday hayzzzz

  5. Peter CORBOY says:

    ITS CALLED FREE WILL -the hardest thing God gave us free will -there will be judgment one day .

  6. Arkan says:

    Without god are lives are meaningless left to pure contingency.

  7. brian bowes says:

    Suffering is here is because GOD turned the earth over to man and this is what man has brought upon himself by doing the bidding of Satan. The wars are Satans Earthly Organization tearing each other to pieces. at the DEMAND of REV. 6 : 4 peace being TAKEN from the earth so men would KILL one another. In 1914 that started on a GLOBAL SCALE. Again in 1939 and in 20…… u guess. The 3 RD one is a full blown NUKE WAR. is my opinion.

  8. Bobby Rodriguez says:

    God gave sinful man in a fallen sinful world freewill to choose. Someone asked a question once regarding all the evil that brings all the destruction and suffering, why doesn't God just stop it and get rid of it. The person who was asked the question responded, well, that means He, God, would have to get rid of you and the entire human race. This man asking these questions to this pastor is living in spiritual darkness, he is not born again, therefore he does not understand or know God, and does not know God's word. He can only understand with his natural humanistic human reasoning, he is spiritually blind. As far as this so called pastor, he teaches truth mixed with error. Check out the video on how he compromises, when he's asked about homosexuality, if it's a sin, and wether practicing homosexuals are going to hell because of their lifestyle.

  9. Bobby Rodriguez says:

    Well, there's your problem, you received " a religious " education from an idolatrous religious organization.

  10. Lonesome Lenny says:

    Keller answers a question with another question. However, the is no answer and that is the answer he should have responded with.

  11. Christa E says:

    This is the stupidest non answer that I've ever heard. He thinks there's a. 'reason' for pain & suffering… We just don't know it. So… Therefore not bad?! WTF I thought i heard all the dumb excuses, this one going to the top of my stupidest thing someone's said about why 'god' let's such horrific things happen. Your god is either narcissistic & evil or loving but usless. Can't be both.

  12. N Wehrheim says:

    Yes, many people really have chosen evil and yes God knew that they would; so He made a way for anyone to go to Heaven who would freely choose God and His goodness, choosing Jesus and HIs sacrifice, in spite of not being able to see Him with earthly eyes, which means, among other things, sometimes humans must sacrifice their own perceived "good" for the good of others; With His help, of course, they could do so and would not think with pride about themselves and negate their sacrifice. The choice is real and the example of those who have chosen selfishly or have chosen to follow Jesus, reveals the truth of a real choice.
    Furthermore, the presence of evil and the ability to choose it, means that when one chooses God or "the good" one has the chance to be a hero something like our Lord, Jesus, the ultimate hero, who had nothing to gain for Himself but the eventual love of humankind ; and so God created the possibility of heroism out of the initial ; and those humans did not even initially appreciate the Love of God, nor the way of sacrificing for others; nevertheless, He gave up His life for those who were His enemies; but He did so, knowing that some would become His children, living for Him, the way He lived for others and still does.
    Yes, some would choose to follow Him, no matter the cost. And after choosing Christ, many did die horrific deaths, but knew they would receive "a better resurrection" and with His help heroically faced death. They are extolled in Heaven forever.

  13. N Wehrheim says:

    God did not originally create evil, but man choose to have evil come into the world (see Genesis) and God allowed man to do so because to not allow humans to have the ability to choose makes us humans into robots, who would have had to do good, who would have to follow God. And similarly, to not even have the choice to do good or to love God, means there could not really be love at all on earth, as love must be a free choice.

  14. Alex The Doge Gamer says:

    God gave us free will, and one of the consequences of free will is that there is evil.

  15. mimi mimz says:

    The answer is very simple and the clue is in the Jesus prayer:" Our Father who are in Heaven, hallowed be Your Name, Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven". What does that tell us? That God's will is not (yet) done on earth. Why? Because the earth was given to man to rule it. Is man perfect as God? No. So why would we assume that anything on earth would be perfect at this point when it's ruled by imperfect beings.

  16. MidnightConnection says:


  17. Miguel Gonzalez says:

    Keller is a master mind! I have faith in my God jesus too.

  18. John Williams says:

    What about slavery they always talk about the other side

  19. Ron Rivet says:

    "If you can`t think of a reason, does that mean there really can`t be one?"

  20. Bli Ayin Hara says:

    God is a Sado-masochist and life is a sadomasochistic orgy or is that Hell?

  21. Dylan Mork says:

    TLDR: "Whatever that reason be, it can't be a lack of love" That is his final answer, so your welcome I saved you eight minutes of rambling nonsense.

  22. Dylan Mork says:

    "Cat's suffer less than humans" "Cat's have less self consciousness" Wtf are you talking about. All animals are conscious, all animals suffer.

  23. Suzie Park says:

    What kind of pastor is this? Pastor of eugenics? Hahahs