Why Should You Pray? Do You Really Have To?

1. God expects you to pray (Luke 18:1). It is actually a command, not a suggestion or an innuendo. If you understand that prayer is communing with God, then you will realize that the very life of a Christian has a lot to do with your praying. It’s like asking why you need to pray. All the people who have done great exploits for God have this one trademark in their lives; they prayed.

2. You express your dependence on God. This is not a position of pride for many, to openly admit that they are dependent on someone else for their lives and yet this is the very thing that God takes pride in. If you claim to be a Christian, then you are saying that God is your Father. This effectively puts him to look out for you as any Father will. The day you cease to pray is the day you declare that you basically do not need him.

3. You get power for living and doing his will when you are in constant prayer. There is nothing more apparent than this fact through history that those who pray constantly always get renewed strength to do his will and live the abundant Christian life. Acts chapter 4 is an outline of a band of ordinary men who met their toughest opposition yet and got strength to go on after they prayed. The message is clear.

4. You pray because God cares for you and he is ready and waiting to meet your needs, fight off your enemies, bring the much needed breakthroughs in your life (1 Peter 5:7). We have to be careful not to treat him like an ATM machine. The list could go on and on but suffice to say for now that depending on how you answer the question of why you should pray, you are going to show your inclination through corresponding actions. Prayer remains the greatest privilege man will ever be accorded by God.

By Sunganani L. Manjolo

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