Why did God have Abram cut animals in half New Church Plant Reynoldsburg Ohio


In Genesis 15, God has Abram cut animals in half and lay the pieces out to make a pathway.
Why did He do that?
Some interesting background on this story

About Impact Church Reynoldsburg,
A New Church Plant Reynoldsburg Oh
We are a different kind of church on purpose.
God has given us a very specific vision for the kind of church He wants us to be in the city of Reynoldsburg.
– A “Be the Church” mindset. Rather than people having a “go to church” mindset, we want people to BE the church. Jesus calls us through His example and through His words to care about the poor and serve those in need. We want our people to look for ways they can IMPACT the community throughout the week. We are committed to giving 10% of our offerings to helping people in the community of Reynoldsburg and the Greater Columbus area.
– A non-judgmental church. We don’t care about your background, your hair, tattoos/piercings, the divorce in your past, or anything else. If you are searching for God and want to learn more about following Him, you are welcome here.
– An Emotionally Healthy Church. God has given very specific instructions in the Bible on how we are supposed to live in relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are a no drama, no gossip, work out our differences in a healthy way kind of church! Matt. 18:15-18.
– A Training Church. We train people how to read and understand the Bible for themselves, how to pray, how to have a devotional time with God, how to reach their friends that are far from God, etc. Eph. 4:12-16. We want to make disciples who make disciples, and we accomplish this goal using a very unique discipleship program for men and women.
– An evangelistic church. We want to teach our people to intentionally search for those who are far from God and bring them to Jesus. Luke 19:10
– A Leadership Development Church. Jesus was a leader who duplicated Himself as a leader, and we do the same! Jesus was very intentional about training others to replace Him after He left the earth. Our goal is to have everyone in leadership positions train several others to do what they do. We have room for you to serve in leadership here!

Impact Church
1623 Brice Rd.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068


Impact Church

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