Where Jesus Walked

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Jesus never traveled more than 100 from His birthplace during His three-year ministry, yet, His life has changed the world. Beautifully filmed and dramatically reenacted, this video pilgrimage leads you from Christ’s birth to His resurrection. Experience your own personal journey with Christ as you walk through the Holy Land’s sites as they are today. See the actual places where Jesus ministered over 2,000 years ago. Witness firsthand the paths of Jesus’ travels, from Bethlehem to Nazareth, Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee, from Capernaum to Jericho; His baptism at the Jordan River; His sermon on the Mount; and His final walk down the Via Dolorosa to Calvary where He was crucified. This visual account of Jesus’ life takes on a deeper spiritual meaning for those who see the sacred places and experience His teachings, miracles, passion, death, resurrection and ascension. This video portrait stands as a witness to the divinity of Jesus Christ and His bountiful love for all mankind.

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  1. Emily Sammy says:


  2. Destin Mabayi says:

    I Love you JESUS

  3. roy ann says:

    Praise the lord

  4. Edwin Gallardo says:

    president perfict pretty good beautiful great hestory of jesus's biography national hestory of BIBLES everything thanks to the God amen ^^^

  5. John Watkins says:

    God is good all the time amen

  6. John Watkins says:


  7. F7ytii Uhais says:

    Mighty God

  8. Francis Mausley says:

    Most Holy Ground… "This Holy Land hath been mentioned and extolled in all the sacred Scriptures. In it have appeared the Prophets of God and His chosen Ones. This is the wilderness in which all the Messengers of God have wandered, from which their cry, "Here am I, here am I, O my God" was raised." ~ Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Faith

  9. Vidya.m Sandya says:

    Lord jesus,,, shower ur blessing's to all the people….
    Whom u hve forgiven all their sin's…..
    Ur coming Is near…
    watching this movie on 7th may 2020…
    Love u lord jesus,,, king of nazareth……
    King of king,,, praise u….
    The way, the truth and the life..

  10. Mickmick A says:


  11. soar tustus says:

    Jesus Christ is lord
    Did I hear Canaan where he married?
    Questionable if I heard right.

  12. VR Inks says:

    Now repent repent all of you ✌️

  13. Ramana B V says:

    Praise God Jesus

  14. Şevket Külte says:

    Saul had changed his religion. Jesus was a Muslim

  15. Fahad Malik says:

    Only Ahmed Deedat will show you the right path… watch his video it is available on YouTube

  16. Molly Maguire McGill says:

    I would like to find two videos of Eretz Israel, and they can't be found. Both would be done by Palestinian Christians fluent in both Hebrew and Arabic. The first would focus upon a 13-year-old Palestinian girl as she rides a bike from Nazareth to Beth Lechem. She would focus upon such things as the Hebrew word for frog being Zepher Dah, which means he who knows the birds. What does she see, how does she experience the trip? She can take the family along, of course. The second is a walking tour, again with a Palestinian family, as they walk around Lake Galilee. Again, no theology or great truths. What do we experience as we walk the dusty roads and tour what probably looks like first-century homes? How does the Palestinian family experience this walk as a people who feel subjugated? Help us to experience Lake Galill as the First Century Jews would have experienced it! You are an entertainment enterprise… I dare you to produce these videos.

  17. Nella Ambroise says:

    Thank you Jesus of Nazareth

  18. Nella Ambroise says:

    Yes of course Jesus was talking about his Precious BODY.

  19. Katherine Toscano says:

    Shows that people are thete worst enemies. People in power .jusr didnt want to loose there power.. Jesus ..is the reason we breathe.honestly if he came back this people will probably kill again.. Still ..

  20. Zahidul hasan says:

    Allah (The father of Jesus) is our lord.

  21. Hienie Nguyen says:

    awesome story.

  22. Solomon Nwachinemere says:

    Believe in Jesus, best decision to make.

  23. Daniel Johnson says:

    Jesus and god are fake fucks.

  24. Pray the rosary every day says:

    The Catholics have the true doctrine but they run after the protestant like prostitutes, the devil was made say this during an exorcism, the devil is running wild now because his time on earth is short, we all need to repent of our sins, follow Jesus and believe the good news

  25. Kiu Chim says:


  26. An Schelstraete says:

    Godallemachtig erg mooi 🙂 .

  27. Rose Kimbeng says:

    Story of the real Jesus savior of the world hallelujah

  28. Nana Schick says:

    Tom McCarthy stations of the cross

  29. nellie sophia says:

    Jesus is coming soon

  30. Wesley Bryan says:

    don't buy into it, it is life long brainwashing in action…JESUS was a black man who had lived in Africa..

  31. Wesley Bryan says:

    but this is no representation of JESUS, it more represents the anti-Christ..

  32. Marc Bible says:

    I'm only here due to the false image of Christ on the cover of you look into it revelations 1:14 is the start of his description. Nowhere in the bible does it say his hair was stringy….nor did he have light eyes…people know what the bible says about his image and if you don't then shame on you. The most high is coming back for his children and your lies will cost you.

  33. Gerald Johnson says:

    What? Are you following the Catholic ways of Babtizm, Jesus came up out of the Water when the Holy Spirit was upon him in the form of a dove, sprinkling is what the rain does not a Babtizm at all, Do not believe the deception of the evil Pope of the catholic church,*¤*!

  34. WeeeWriter says:

    Nice story but you downplayed Mary Magdalene's role in history. She was an apostle too and very close to Jesus, she didn't just show up at the end of His life.

  35. Gerald Johnson says:

    This is sad, but the Romans still control a large portion of believers through the Roman Catholic church, from the time of Jesus's death The Catholic ( Pope's Evil
    Deception) belief has Told lies about God Almighty Creator Jesus, and led many in the wrong way of worship of Our Saviour that you can only come to Jesus, (Matt23:9) Satan has decieved those simple souls that do Not read the Word(Bible) of God Almighty, Therefore they fail to *understand
    (Matt13:13,14)* all the teachings of the Pope are false ways to Eternal life, l say to anyone that wants to live Eternally ask*God Almighty personally* and you will be saved by Jesus's Blood,*¤*!