When were the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) written?

This clip from our series “Response to the Lost Tomb of Jesus”, answers the question:
When were the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) written?

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  1. Curt Qualls says:

    Luke 17:21-22…..these are obviosly gnostic words….the kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU…..That does not fit your story. Why is it in the bible? Because it is from the Gospel of Thomas which is older than the synoptic gospels….and it claims to be written by Thomas….the canonical gospels do not, they are anonymous….This saying is in there because the Gospel of Thomas was Considered by the first christians as their book….and that saying was one that they knew….it gave them credibility.

  2. smb12321 says:

    Actually, John was written as a response to Docetism, the idea that Jesus was only an illusion and not a physical body.  It also tried to answer the failure of Christianity's central prophecy – that Jesus was returning soon, in "this generation".  The touching of the body by Thomas, the question about Jesus returning before a follower died – both making the point with the nuance of a sledge hammer.   It certainly wasn't written by an illiterate fisherman but by someone with a literary bent, a great storyteller who excelled at placing dialogue in the mouth of his characters.    

    It shows a very advanced Christian theology (unlike the Synoptics)  so it would have to around 100 AD or so.  Although not a Christian I consider this one of the most beautiful books ever written – almost poetic in nature, huge in scope for the time.  Of course it was not an eyewitness (unless everyone else forget the raising of Lazarus) but it does tell a great story.  

  3. Larry Russo says:

    You have to trust what they say. All, the apostles except for John were martyred for what they believed. People don't die for what they know not to be true. That is why it is so important that the writers were writing it with first hand knowledge.