What would I have done – Bethel Church (Feat. Brian Johnson) (Worship with lyrics)

Bethel Church – What would I have done, New Album: Be lifted high, Year: 2011

I will not forget the cross
The pain that You endured for us
Where You carried brokenness and shame
Never to forget the day
Your love broke through to make a way
For hope to rise within my heart again

Overwhelming sacrifice
You freely paid the highest price
Suffering You traded blood for me
My heart will sing the deepest praise
My lips rejoice, my hands will raise
For the death that brought me into life

All for love
My Jesus, You gave all for love
I am standing in the wonder of
Your great love

What would I have done
If it wasn’t for Your love
The love that tore the veil inside my heart
What would I have become
If it wasn’t for Your blood
The blood You gave for all on the cross


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  1. Romeo Sardou says:

    Thank you Jesus

  2. Sabrina Singh says:


  3. sifiso mapitsha says:

    my heart will sing the deepest praise unto you lord

  4. Nathan Nemeth says:

    Who am I to not worship You God? How dare I?

  5. RE6 Squad says:

    Thank you god for everything for my family,home,food,friends please bless the homeless give them water shelter and food and help the homeless animals give them the same and thank you for letting my Gramma beat cancer thanks to you god me and my family loves you god!

  6. payers cashiers says:

    my favourite song since 2012…i play this song almost every 2 days or so…

  7. Laura Collett says:

    What would i become if it wasnt for Your Blood! Jesus You gave All!

  8. Debbie Zamora says:

    M Jesus, Thank you!

  9. patrick katabayi says:

    Your great Love my Jesus

  10. Charito Roma says:

    Thank you Jesus for opening my heart to you!!

  11. Kim D says:

    What would any of have done if it wasn't for Your love for us Jesus? Thank You!! I will forever thank You with my life.

  12. Percy Savhasa says:

    Acts 2: 26 Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices;
    my body also will rest in hope

  13. Brandon Watson says:

    love this song

  14. Chance Landry says:

    I love this song

  15. HugeHeadProductions says:

    i dont even want to know what my life would be like if i didnt know him!

  16. Darren Roy says:

    Beautiful Song! Very nice….

  17. Anderson Barbosa says:

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