What is the Purpose of Fasting?

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What is the purpose of fasting? That’s what we are going to talk about today.

Hey everyone welcome back my name is Allen Parr and today I want to ask and answer three questions…
Read Isaiah 58:1-9 (3 times in the video)
1. What is fasting? (sum (hbr) means “to cover” the mouth and nestuo (grk) means “to abstain”)
a. Fasting is when we voluntarily (the Bible doesn’t command it) choose to sacrifice something of value for the purpose of seeking God with more intensity.
b. Usually it’s food because for most people food is the most difficult thing to give up. However, if food is not it for you (e.g. sex (in marriage), social media, entertainment, etc.)) then you may want to fast from food and something else that you know would be a sacrifice to give up (put some on the screen) and instead dedicate that time to God.
2. Why should we fast? (many of the great saints in the Bible practiced fasting (Paul, David, Elijah, Jesus, Moses, Esther, etc.)
a. Major Decision – To petition God for direction before making a major decision (Judges 20:26; Acts 14:23)
b. Personal Revival – To rekindle your passion for God and experience personal revival
c. Spiritual Strength – When people in the Bible fasted they felt spiritually stronger after the fast (Mt. 4; 17) (If you can’t overcome the power of your belly how can you overcome the power of a demon?)
d. Health benefits (longer life, resistance to diabetes and other illnesses)
e. Spiritual leaders encourage it (repentance, mourning, spiritual revival)
3. How should we fast?
a. Privately – Mt. 6: – Jesus says when you fast don’t walk around with a long face because you’re so hungry in hopes of someone asking you why you’re hungry.
b. Regularly – (Luke 2:37) – Fasting is not meant to be done once at the beginning of the year and never again. It is supposed to be an ongoing part of your Christian life like prayer and Bible study.
c. Intimately – In other words, don’t focus so much on what you’re giving up (that’s called a diet vs. fasting) instead focus on developing intimacy with God as a replacement but rather focus on putting your attention completely and totally upon God.

One of the greatest benefits of fasting is that it exposes the idolatry in your life. When you fast if all you can think about is what you’re giving up instead of focusing on God, it could be that is an idol in your life.

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  1. Helen Burnley says:

    Do I eat nothing at all when I fast? No snacking or how about drinking water? When I should fast, how many days should I and how do I fast but have to tend to my house work as a mother which will keep me on my toes?

  2. Unscripted Heroes says:

    Fasting has to be food. What he is referring to is abstinence.


    abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance.

    Not trying to be a jerk or annoying but you shouldn't just make up the definition of a word to suit your own agenda. Fasting and abstinence can lead to the same thing, which is growing closer to God and glorifying him. Fasting, however, is specifically abstaining from food.

  3. Mikey Sibs says:

    the message was helpful

  4. Alan White says:

    I pray that God will guide me in fasting ad and help me to understand. Amen

  5. Jacqueline Garcia says:

    Can I fast when I am 14?

  6. amoding esther says:

    Amen thanks for the nice teaching

  7. _Queen Ella says:

    Thank You this really help me understand!!!!!

  8. OPTIMORTEM says:

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  10. G Prasad Rao says:

    Regular Fasting??? I don't see in Bible..except that verse… Why should fasting should be a regular? No such command..
    Biblecsats to pray regularly.. But not fasting.

  11. G Prasad Rao says:

    5th reason for fasting is not indicated in Bible.

  12. T. Kuykendall says:

    Thank you.

  13. studlygrish says:

    You can fast anything , food ,sleep,tv, sex . It shows God we mean business !

  14. a duck who wants 1000 subs says:

    but im athiest

  15. KC Gonzales says:

    I love how you broke this down! I am doing a Daniel fast for a personal struggle I want to be delivered from & also for anyone in the hurricanes lately , against any plans of Satan's with these crazy times. I have never done one, never thought I could. I have a huge sugar addiction & am hypoglycemic, so the Lord even getting me strong enough to the point where I think I could do it & actually made the commitment is an amazing testament to me of how He works wonders, He is so good !

  16. Monique Gibson says:

    Thank you for this video allen…GOD is really using you to help christians like me…stay obedient for GOD ok

  17. stephen S says:

    It's to ask for forgiveness

  18. fnx gamer says:

    Thank you so much for your videos. God has lead me to this I'm sure. I was getting so caught up on everything and started to doubt my faith. So plain and simple, and I love your energy you deliver with them. You've empowered me today. Bless you brother

  19. BORICUA 4LIFE says:

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    You're great Allen, thank you so much. God Bless you!

  23. Dustin Cavell says:

    Hello Mr Parr, I came across your channel while doing some soul searching and I must say I really enjoy your videos and message! Pardon me if it's been asked before but how long should we fast if it's a personal fast? Thank you in advance! Dustin

  24. Akintonde Oyedeji says:

    ALLEN… Your mansion in heaven will be a very big one… God Bless You Brother…

  25. New cop says:

    your a great man. God bless you and thanks

  26. arbre tree says:

    This was a great explanatory and concise video! The only things I would add are that I personnally think that fasting is awesome if it becomes a lifestyle but it doesn't have too, fasting punctually is also great. Water fasting and the daniel fast are other types of fasting worth trying.