Voddie Baucham -For WOMEN!!-Biblical Love!

Voddie breaks down what true biblical love is.

Keith Thompson

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  1. Woody Bailey says:

    I love this guy! Remember when Pat Robertson told a man whose wife had dementia that he could divorce her and marry another so he could be happy? That was Greco-Roman love and Pat didn’t have the wisdom to know the difference.

  2. JoJo Bean says:

    Not sure why this is labeled for women…this message is for everyone.

  3. timmyp34 says:

    VB is excellent

  4. C. R. Tyler says:

    I so wish I would have learned this YEARS ago! Thank you so much for this message!!! My God!!!

  5. summerbliss13 says:

    If I could "like" this message more than once I would have!

  6. Vivian Hart says:

    Thank you for sharing this sermon! I would love to hear the full sermon. Is it available?

  7. Ujandja Veii says:


  8. Yudo NeidaNo says:

    that was absurdly awesome! thank you Dr. Baucham and praise the LORD for this message!