VERTICAL WORSHIP – It's Who You Are: Song Sessions

VERTICAL WORSHIP – It’s Who You Are: Song Sessions
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Treasure of greatest price
Healer, giving me life
Faithful, again and again
Jesus Your love never ends
Sovereign in all that You do
Refuge my hope is in You
Mighty Your enemies fall
Jesus You reign over all

It’s who You are
It’s who You are
It’s who You’ll always be

Seeker finding the lost
Savior bearing my cross
Worthy You’re the lamb that was slain
Jesus, great is Your name

Jesus, Jesus,
Yesterday, today, forever
You’re the same
Everlasting, never failing
Yesterday, today, forever
You’re the same

SONGWRITERS- Jonathan Smith, Eddie Hoagland
CCLI#: 7035788

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  1. Frank Gondwe says:

    oh how I love this song

  2. Anderian Alfonso says:

    Man, you have a powerful voice! HalleluYah

  3. Grass and Flower Music says:

    How can I record with you guys?

  4. Zachary Bunting says:

    Wow this put me in Worship coma. His love never ends!

  5. Sarah W. Welch says:

    JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. fernando herrera says:

    Praise God! He promised afflictions, but He is sovereign. He will never leave us.

  7. Adriel Hong says:

    Loved it!!! Wonderful song of praise!