Union with Christ: Life-Transforming Implications – Sinclair Ferguson

Desiring God Conference for Pastors 2014

Sinclair Ferguson | Union with Christ: Life-Transforming Implications


Truth Endures

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  1. DarkPa1adin says:

    Rebuked, even though he did not scream and shout like Paul Washer! what a brilliant Christian minister

  2. Ron Oastler says:

    Sinclair Ferguson has a depth of insight and a gift of communicating, the outcome of which is absolutely effective ministry.

  3. harpels says:

    Dr. Ferguson may not be bombastic in his sermon delivery but he is a gifted preacher and teacher; he is a man of God and his life bears it out.  I have not seen him in person but I am blessed by his sermons which I listen on You-tube.