Twin Peaks ACTUALLY EXPLAINED (No, Really)

Garmonbozia, the Black and White Lodges, Mike, Bob and the Little Man, Judy, Audrey and Charlie, Season 3’s ending… The mystery of Twin Peaks has survived for nearly 30 years… until now. You may have heard some of the ideas in this video before, but never with this amount of depth and supporting evidence. Are you ready to fully KNOW what Twin Peaks was really about? “Watch, and see what Rosseter teaches.”

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Twin Perfect

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  1. CwbySpikeSpiegel says:

    If you would make an audio book for Lynch on Lynch, I would buy it.

  2. Roger Levy says:

    The big takeaway for me is the ever burning question … Why are humans so eager to settle for lies that they know to be false?

  3. Daniel Ribas Tandeitnik says:

    Wow, simply wow. Took me 3 days watching this, but it was worthwhile! Congratulations! We'll never know by Lynch if you're correct, but all you said makes so much sense, and the way it all clicks perfectly, makes me just want to be all true. Oh man, we were so stuck in trying to figure out Twin Peaks as it was just a story about characters, events, and LORE and forget that all of it could be just a big metaphor. I already loved Twin Peaks, but now viewing it with this new point-of-view makes me love it even more gives me a profound respect towards David Lynch.

  4. MiotaLee says:

    I've been so scared to even click this video… I think i'm about as ready as I can be.

  5. Jeremy Ravencaw says:

    As a lynch fan this was so amazing. I didn't want answers. I was excited as I am with all of his works including INLAND EMPIRE. The commentary was not exclusive to television but to cinema as well. The beauty of mystery and mundane are gone there as well. These works were in retrospect steps of a traveler finding the timelessness we exist as the times of engaging stories and conversations have died now replaced with texting and the easiness of glorifying the mundane as worthy content.

  6. Benjamin Belzer says:

    I think I know what it means. It's all a metaphor for how victims of abuse perceive the world around them. Laura being someone else in another time is similar to how victims lose their identity and how they trust specific people like Agent Cooper. Laura screaming when her mom calls her name is like a flashback of sorts.

  7. Lucas Silva de Deus says:

    I was 1h into it and all of the things that I didn't comprehend before started making sense already

  8. Pascal Payant says:

    What a stunning video. Thank you so much. Do more of lynch

  9. Wes Lesley says:

    excellent video however the lynch impersonation is very grating and distracting.

  10. Gabriel Diaz says:

    So Lynch is just the 'old man yelling at cloud' meme?

  11. Helen Morton says:

    Twin Peaks parallels Scheherazade's tale that goes on, and on, and on………..

  12. Laurii _005 says:


  13. merlin hoot says:

    i sadly can’t watch all this before work but i’m definitely finishing it. i’ve always loved twin peaks, and sorta just interpreted it in my own way, but certain points you bring up here are blowing my mind, like they HAVE to be true.

  14. StrayDogFreedom says:

    me: "well I guess i can give it a look and watch it in pieces if it's any good, but I'm definitely not watching a 4+ hour video"
    later me noticing the clock: "shit"

  15. Dragon66 says:

    i don't think the room with the white statue is the white lodge… in the end of season 2, 'the arm' say to coop: – "this's the waiting room". The white lodge isn't show yet, it's all part of the black lodge… To go there, you need to confrontig your double with perfection , but coop get by surpriesed when he sees bob turn windom to nothing compare to him… I think cooper realizes that he's underestimated bob and get afraid to confront his double, then he never enteres the white lodge… "(…)But it is said, if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul."

  16. Dennis Stanley says:

    Thank you for this. Not only have I found a new appreciation for Season 1 and 2 (I always loved Fire Walk with Me), but you've also made me appreciate season 3, which I didn't like. Twin Perfect is quickly becoming one of my favourite YouTube channels.

  17. Raft 88 says:

    I love the idea that twin peaks are boobs that are televisual sine waves…

  18. Tyler says:

    Fuck David Lynch lol I don't give a shit

  19. deckard996 says:

    David lynch is an amazing artist, the clarity of vision this analysis explains is really amazing. Truly amazing video which helps us understand Lynch more as a whole and gives me such gratitude to be a fan of twin peaks.

  20. Stephen Arnold says:

    God I wish you stop trying to do Lynch's voice. You made watching this video absolutely impossible.

  21. Slawa says:

    is this the explanation from the movie or the show?

  22. Aleksandra Dombrovska says:

    Omg how beautiful!!!

  23. wonder rob says:

    Holy shit How long is this?!

  24. hstickhstick says:

    This is bollocks. Classic case of starting at a conclusion then going back and trying to make everything fit. “Let’s start by assuming I’m correct”. Er, no mate, that’s not how you form an argument.