Turning A New Page | Pastor Jermaine Parker | Hope For Living Gospel Series | June 2, 2021

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Don’t miss out on the blessing of acknowledging the Lord’s provisions through your tithes and offerings. Click on the link below to make your contribution OR via e-transfer:
WEBSITE: https://philadelphiasda.ca/giving/

1. Log into your bank account
2. Select the account from which you want to SEND E-TRANSFER
3. Select the AMOUNT to transfer
4. SELECT RECIPIENT – Church name (Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist)
5. You can ADD it as a Payee so the name is already in your payee list if you plan to do multiple transfers
6. You will then have to enter the EMAIL ADDRESS of the recipient to which you want to send money: philadelphiatreasurer@adventistontario.org
7. FILL OUT THE SECTION with a MESSAGE to let the treasurer know how you would like to designate the funds
8. CONTINUE completing your E-TRANSFER
9. You also have the option to SET UP a (weekly or monthly) RECURRING TRANSFER

NB: Instructions and wording will vary slightly based on the bank the donor uses. For example, TD bank will ask you to enter the email address of the payee twice while RBC requires it only once. TD bank will show a SEND MONEY option while RBC refers to it as an INTERAC E-TRANSFER.

Philadelphia Adventist Church, Toronto

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