Trijicon Jesus Rifles God’s Guns Bible verses.flv

Bible verse references inscribed on military hardware. Jesus rifles and God guns.


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  1. Автомат Калашникова says:

    if the government has a problem with then boohoo no acogs you

  2. Devildog says:

    they took it off i just ordered one

  3. isaiah hawkins says:

    Take GOD out of everything… Its fine we dont need them

  4. CrashPilot4 says:

    I don't get it, having references to bible verses on a scope certainly doesn't mean a holy war on any religion. Next… who the …. would ever get close enough to one and take the time to figure that out? Lastly it is a christian company, don't like it, don't buy it. Myself an atheist wouldn't give two cents on this issue, it's a good scope, i'll use it.

    I could note that putting bible references on tools designed specifically for killing could be concidered as odd though.

  5. pureaccuracy says:

    this is ridiculous because you are supposedly fighting agains 'religious extremists' when in fact you guys are equally extreme (or at least supplied by extremists).
    way to win hearts and minds, yanks.

  6. lilpud1 says:

    ….if you dont like it…there are other optics you can buy…people will bitch about anything these days!

  7. renaizzance says:

    Haha I enjoy watching loony libs squirm.

  8. chechnya says:

    Christian nation? Do some research, you'll see this country was never based on religion. Please Google "The Treaty of Tripoli" and you'll see. Passed by one of our founding fathers John Adams.

  9. Buckshart says:

    im no christian, but this report seems like a ridiculous waste of time.

  10. ethan lunney says:

    what i thinks funny is this wouldnt be an issue if we were currently fighting christians..just a bunch of political bull shit..i dont care if it had muslim hebrew or budists scripture on it if its one of the best combat optics money can buy i want our troops to have it

  11. 36ronjon says:

    who cares what they are doing! let them practice their religion because they are doing the dirty work of america!

  12. Mr ChicanoX says:

    Like I wrote on another video, all you need is a file and some time if you're a non Christian. There problem solved.

  13. GiantShinyRobot says:

    ABC news + Brian Ross = Journalism FAIL.

  14. Victor Rodriguez says:

    I don't think the reason were not making friends is because of a Christian inscription on a scope. I believe its because were shooting them. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize this. It's o.k tho shoot them, just don't offend them? Former SGT. USMC.

  15. randomchannelnamehere says:

    Amen, my ACOG Has its biblical references, who says we cant support our lord Jesus Christ?
    The Taliban, Scream "Alah Alah!" So we should be able to Scream "Praise Jesus!"

    On that note do I IMO, we should not train the Iraqi Soldiers on them, cause if there trying to help their country we should not force Jesus on them, but fuck what the Taliban think!

  16. tanhelmet says:

    Suck on that bin laden .

  17. jmgrant2468 says:

    HUH! freedom of religion guess ABC ,weinstein, etc. didn't get the memo.

  18. SQUAREHEAD64 says:


  19. SQUAREHEAD64 says:

    This is such a joke…. so pathetic!

    They would say NOTHING if it was an upside down satanic symbol.

    Just amazing how sad things are getting…


  20. nbdavis47 says:

    This is the exact reason I love Trijicon. If someone doesn't like the reference to the Bible, then they can get over it. This is no more than something for liberals to complain about. The fact that a Christian company gives the smallest and most ambiguous of nods to their faith that is looked over unless pointed out should be a non-issue. The simple fact that this is even a story with made up characters like "Chief Investigative Correspondent" shows how foolish people are. This is non-news!

  21. American Arms Channel says:

    To them i say stuff it where the sun don't shine. Our boys overseas should be able to carry any damn thing they want, even a weapon with christian teachings!

  22. American Arms Channel says:

    this nation was founded under christian principals and beliefs. the majority of citizens in this nation are christians and would not find a problem with this. the battle hym of the republic used to be a more commonly sung song too but over time whinny ass over sensitive liberals, unreasonable idealistic morons and those with no religeous beliefs have tried to make it a shameful thing to sing such songs or be a proud and strong christian or American.

  23. Thomas Andersen says:

    Why they don't get ofended when geting paid USA money is printed" In god we trust"

  24. kinzuaBrian says:

    michael wienstein is a puke and soooo are so many like him…not sorry for it, our country is founded under god!

  25. Concerned Mustang Fan says:

    I can't believe this is a serious news story.

  26. Matthew Casterline Official says:

    There shouldn't be any talk of religious war seeing as to how they have already deemed it to be okay with the religion. I'd they do make trijicon take off the inscriptions what's next? Twittering off religious preference from the dog tags? Because they don't want the TERRORISTS to feel that the are being shot by "Jesus soldiers" with regular guns instead of regular soldiers with "Jesus guns"? It's a waste of the governments time and shouldn't even be being looked into.

  27. Matthew Casterline Official says:

    This is unbelievable. Trijicon cannot be held reasonable at all! The inscriptions are part of the serial code…. I want to see the law saying that you have to give a detailed explanation of what your serial code means. And since when is war about making friends? War is about fighting for what we believe is right. And the last time I checked the afghanis and iraqis hated I us well before any talk of religious controversy. Also the the iraqis and afghanis have already declared a jihad.

  28. hookaburns77 says:

    So, I'm guessing we should take our religious preferences off of our dog tags now? Fuck me man the world is going to shit…if someone can find something to complain about, they will. This is laughable.

  29. Sonne Andreas says:

    Since when a verse from the Bible has become a problem?! Do I feel worse if a Taliban writes on his Kalashnikov "allah akbar"?! I don't give a shit! And since when religion is something wrong? My physics teacher once told us that there are two types of people who really believe in religion: those with less education because religion compensates for their lack of knowledge and those highly educated, who know that science does not offer any plausible answer about life or how the universe began.

  30. DBproductions says:

    youre fucking retarded.
    What are the dark ages, again?
    The idea of liberty was born out of escaping the rule of kings and religious tyranny (The catholic church) The United States were born FREE of religion. You can find countless quotes from the founding fathers denouncing the church and the idea that someone should be a slave to any form of thinking.

  31. 32mpd says:

    @Thekevinsyers- AMEN Brother!! Yes they will!

  32. Chris Giroux says:

    So.. if we put Qur'an references on them instead… I'm sure nobody would have any problems. I'm not even that religious, but screw the media. The majority of U.S. soldiers are Christian! Keep the verses on there! If somebody doesn't like it, they can take it off themselves, or buy a different sight! First amendment guys! GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.

  33. GH3OSTLY says:

    JESUS RIFLES ROFL this is so hilarious! XD i shit myself when i heard him say jesus rifles!

  34. 800lb Gorilla says:

    Soldiers are, they use what they are issued.

  35. 800lb Gorilla says:

    Left-wing response?

    Army Gen. David Petraeus, Central Command's top officer, called the practice "disturbing." "This is a serious concern to me and the other commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan," Petraeus said. In a statement issued later by the command, Petraeus said that "cultural and religious sensitivities are important considerations in the conduct of military operations."

    I guess you know better than the 4-Star because you use all caps?

  36. 800lb Gorilla says:

    They were being given to Iraqi (Muslim) Soldiers to train with and use.. you don't think that might cause a problem? Look up the word 'proselytizing' and rules against the Government or the military doing it.

  37. LogicalTerror says:

    its two letters and few numbers, who cares, the guns don't get holy or anything, don't like it don't pay attention to it. Because you know every time you see the 'terrorists' make a video all they do is reference their religion, allah this and allah that…

  38. PeteyCam says:

    The government needs to relax, yes the creator of the acog was a christian and the verse on there refers to "bringing light to the darkness" a reference to the tritium phosphor lamp that illuminates the scope's sight without the need for batteries. If the military doesn't like it then they should stop buying the best scope on the market

  39. cutmonn says:

    I smell a jew

  40. GOD719 says:

    Who Cares if they have bible verses on the scope. Is it a good scope=YES excellent. "It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God" Thomas Jefferson. The Government should NOT be telling people what they can or can't do.

  41. rrpostalagain says:

    @altanoa Just because we have a lot of christian people, it does not mean we are a "christian nation". Unless you're someone who also thinks we are a "white nation" or a "female nation" or, you get the point. Why can't christians ever see that someday they might not be the majority and they may need these rights they are so quick to throw away?

  42. rrpostalagain says:

    @jerryboy219 Seriously? You can't have freedom OF religion without freedom FROM religion. Would you be so blase about it if a muslim saying or (aghast) an atheist quote were affixed to something you were forced to use… to kill people, yet? Such hypocritical naivete. Fail#2, they are not simply a "private company". It's not just for sport. They have made a fortune with government contracts, which subjects them to a different standard. In fairness, it depends on the contract.