To Muslims/Prelude to Denominations are dangerous! (Part B).


Islam was created by the Vatican/Papacy/Catholic Church. Muslims and Christians do NOT worship the same God. Also includes Prelude to ‘Denominations are dangerous’ series. The Catholic church is portrayed in the Bible as a harlotrous queen (like Semiramis/Easter) riding a beast with seven heads (Rev. 17). These heads represent the historic revivals of the Roman Empire. This whorish woman symbolizes a powerful, politically organized church. Gradually, this church, centered at Rome, adopted more and more pagan doctrines and practices until the only discernible difference between it and pagan religion was its use of the name of Jesus Christ. This is how Easter for instance, came to be celebrated in place of the true Christian Passover.

This mother church has many daughter denominations, and the entire system masquerades under the banner of Christianity, when they are really the Babylon Mystery Religion. The Bible pictures her as a universal deceiver with all Christian countries made drunk with her false doctrines! She is pictured as being made drunk with the blood of the saints, while, at the same time, bragging that she is the true church. All of her daughters have adopted her pagan practices.

How the Vatican created Islam:

Check out this link and tell me where you Muslims see that God condoned or commanded these abominations in the Bible? This is what an Islamic leader has instructed & encouraged Muslims to practice:

One World Ecumenical movement headed by the Pope:

(Rev. 17) “The woman rides the beast”:

‘Why I Don’t “Go to Church” Anymore’ -By Darin Hufford:

‘The Illusion of Progress & the Abomination of Denominations’ -By Ryan J Sletcher:


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