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  1. Valerie Dennis says:

    I praise God so much for this teaching concerning God 'a will for us to be healed. Bless you my brother. I pray many more will listen to this teaching over and over like I am doing.

  2. Parminder Dial says:

    Let the weak say I am strong in the strength of the lord it becomes true by listening the teachings of TLOsburn

  3. Devil Destroyer says:

    Gods will is that we live Holy Be ye Holy for I Am Holy. But how many wants healing but they dont want to be Holy. How many wants healing but they really dont want God? You would be surprised how many people only want what they can get from God. Ill be honest id rather have more of Jesus then i would healing, or wealth, or friends, or anything else. Because the more i get of Him the more happier i am. No wonder Paul was content the more God he had in his life the more content he was. Many people in Jesus day followed Him for the Loaves. They wanted healed they wanted food they wanted their needs met but they didnt want Him. Most people try to use God as a Santa Claus. I wonder how many people has been healed and its been a long time sense you thank Him for it.



  5. Mended And Whole says:

    The Lord healed me of several sicknesses when I was able to receive his instruction: He said I was still sick after other people prayed for me because of the lies I myself wrote on the tablet of my heart… he said when you close your eyes you see yourself sick and can’t see your self well…I began to tell my heart I was healed because of Jesus provision and posted pictures of what I wanted to do but I couldn’t like hiking and jumping etc God did it!
    If you are seeking healing… see yourself well and post pictures in your screen saver of what you will be doing very soon … also sewing and baking a quilt! I couldn’t ever take care of my kids at one point… much less make a quilt! But God healed me from several nasty labels! Thank you Jesus! ❤️

  6. Glory Dancer says:

    The best book ever written next to the Bible on healing. That's because it is so full of the Word! We give these books as part of our ministry. Thank you for this!

  7. Omare David says:

    Amen, amen

  8. Gerald Zirintunda says:

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still heals

  9. Joelle Beya says:

    Do we have this in french ?? Please thank you God bless

  10. New Life says:

    Please pray for my doctor friend who is seriously ill and in hospital.

  11. Daniel Mbusi says:

    Amen and amen!!!

  12. Joseph Oduor Aluoch says:

    I am a living witness of what God can do through His Servant T.L.Osborn when my wife who was Asthmatic received a Miracle healing when T.L.Osborn conducted a massive Crusade in Mombasa in the eighties. Joseph Oduot

  13. Samuel Osei-Tawiah says:

    Such an amazing treasures of knowledge of God's will for healing. I'm really blessed by this audio

  14. Rajiv Shelke says:

    how and where can we get The book healing the sick

  15. Vino Utaumire says:

    TL Osborne is a priceless gift from God .His message of divine healing touched the core of my beliefs.I am like mount zion which cannot be moved because of this mans messages

  16. Linda Mitchell says:

    While reading and applying the word in this book I became pregnant after being barren for 16 years . I was checked by my fertility doctor and he told me, "Linda, do not continue to hope to conceive" My fallopian tubes were destroyed from chronic pelvic infections and one was removed due to a previous ectopic pregnancy . when the doctor said ," Do not hope", the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me and said "I am your hope ! " Within that same year I had a beautiful baby girl by allowing the Word of God to be the final authority in my life…not the doctors! Praise God!

  17. François tonne says:

    howsome thank you jesus

  18. Andria Wilson says:

    Hallelujah Thank You Jesus!!!

  19. wilson kimwami says:

    He is the servant of God

  20. Keps Flo says:


  21. Fabio De Almeida Santos says:

    melhor, que fosse legendado, assim me ajudaria a também aprender a língua!

  22. Fabio De Almeida Santos says:

    gostaria da tradução!

  23. finney wangombe says:

    love you sir

  24. Nancy Green says:

    Don't look at yourself and judge "your faith" per say but have your faith in God that He already settled this by His strips .. healing is in the atonement and healing is warfare .. you don't get it through works you get it because He came to destroy evil (which He did when he rose from the grave) and sickness is evil.. healing is already done.. have faith its done!

  25. Yvonne Dorothea says:

    @ NALWEA, is this upload 1 of 12 ,
    just one chapter of T.L.Osborns Book? or these YouTube uploadings : 1 of 12 and 2 of 12 and 3 of 12, do they all together contain his whole Book: Heal the sick.??

  26. nathanyamaha465 says:

    god's will will come to pass when his conditions are met. joke. as if salvation and healing depend upon our effort. why have every 'name it claim it' false preacher of the past have also died? God's will is not fully revealed! What foolishness. Open your eyes, everyone will physically die. You are confusing spiritual and physical healing.

  27. Errol David says:

    I pray the following report will bring Glory to the Name. This book by T.L.Osborne "Healing the sick" was put into my hands in 1994 when my wife was given up by medical science to die of cancer (hodgekins disease) at 40 kg in weight we has no hope. so I would read these Scriptures day and night over my dying wife. in 3 months she recovered without medication and without hospital appointments – Praise God for bringing this truth to me when I desperately needed it.

    Then when my father of 80 yrs. was given morphine for a week and sent home to die of pneumathoraces (air sacks in the lungs bursting out and trapping air in the lungs so the patient cannot breathe) – it was these truths that got him perfectly healed. He lived for 3 years in perfect health for 3years more. then died at 83 yrs. of age. Thank God for T. L. Osborne.

    One more thing. my daughter took an overdose of drugs in the year 2005 and died. when the paramedics gave up on her, I knew these truths in this book would work. There's a chapter that taught me the authority of the believer and that we are joint heirs to the anointing on the life and ministry of the The Lord Jesus Christ. In my desperation to see my daughter come back to life, I said without any emotion, you come back, you come back". I told the paramedics she will be alright and they rushed her to the hospital. She recovered in 3days and told us this story.
    She said " Dad and mom, I was in the dark corridors of hell. I couldn't see the demons but I could feel their bony fingers all over my body pulling me down down down. They were speaking in another language. I cried out to Jesus and every time I mentioned His Name the demons left me. Then they came back and kept pulling and pushing me downwards.
    I then heard my you singing the song " Jesus, Jesus, Jesus there's just something about Your Name". Then I heard a loud voice speak in a language I could not understand. That whole region of the damned shook at the sound of that voice. I was sucked up by a force and woke up in the The hospital bed".

    That is my daughters story. She is now the Praise and Worship leader. loves Jesus with all her heart. Thank you Jesus. and Thank you brother T.L.Osborne. I am writing this with tears of joy and gratitude. I pray this will be a help and Blessing to many who reads this. Love – Errol David

  28. Shamiso Chimbudzi says:

    What a blessing, to live a life for God and to fulfill his will

  29. Rudy Cre says:

    Thank You Jesus. 

  30. Stephen W says:

    Praise God that faithful servants like Osborn, Wigglesworth, Branham, Khulmann, Lake and Bosworth amongst others were obedient to the revelation imparted to them by God.