Thug Life Vine- Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church Sacramento, California

Pastor Roger Jimenez handling the media like a boss

The sermon in which made him famous:

Church Website:

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  1. Dark Knight Preacher says:

    Mic drop lol

  2. Rebecca T says:

    I've watched this video over a dozen times, and it never gets old, lol. We support everything you said and everything you continue to preach directly from the Bible. No backing down, let's keep fighting the good fight!

  3. bill gates says:

    To all the people celebrating what he just Said Where is Christ at I didn't see Christ in that statement I seen arrogance Hate

  4. Matty John 14:6 says:


  5. Brayden A says:

    I'll beat the crap out of him

  6. Stephen Roblow says:

    Hahahahahha Amen Pastor

  7. Alex Cryshan 1611 says:

    Bad song, good preacher

  8. MeekFighters says:

    Pastor Jimenez I really like the way you preach but I think you got lost on this subject when you take the right or the free will of a person to be gay that in essence is taking away love. God wants people to come to him of their free choice/will and to repent of their sins. Celebrating their early death taking away their chances for salvation, that is not Christian. I still listen to you but I hope you repent of your sin. Jesus says if you look on a person with hate you committed murder. You know Jesus is right and you were wrong repent brother repent.

  9. #1CunningStunt says:

    Come on, that doesn't even do the guy justice.. Give that man some pencilled-on shades, gold medallion and a spliff!! lmao.. media pwned!! brilliant pmsl

  10. Kevin Woods says:

    I'm not religious or believe in the Bible at all. Common sense tells me that a man don't suppose to fuck a man. I don't need no bible to tell me that

  11. Matthew says:

    He didn't say they "deserve to die because of their sexual orientation," he doesn't use or acknowledge the term "sexual orientation." He said they deserved to die because they're reprobate. Why won't the media say what actually is?

  12. Flynn42z says:

    Thanking the media for free publicity. sounds like a confession to his motivation just like Anderson

  13. LedWolf7 says:

    He's a badass because he claimed to win and will not listen to otherwise, Makin the media your bitch

  14. living meme says:


  15. chironapolonio says:

    What a sick individual.

  16. Anthony Carmine * says:


  17. Elmer Nunez says:

    lol god bless

  18. eliElIeli says:

    heretic for a heritic church extra ecclesiam nulla salus

  19. 2Timothy3:1-3:5 says:

    lol awsome

  20. Jake Barnes says:

    -chanting mob
    -pile of news microphones
    -fully suited entourage
    -smooth bait and switch response
    -"i win" smile
    -perfect mic drop

  21. TruthAwakened says:


  22. Andy Maynard says:

    You got the thug part right. He's a spiritual thug working for his daddy satan.

  23. Andy Maynard says:

    If this Jimenez clown were to die today he would go straight to hell. He's not born again. It's sad to see so many people being led astray by this false Christianity. These hate filled jack asses make the Pharisees look like saints.

  24. Enki says:

    They try to justify Christianity with damnable speeches, they try to justify Christianity with a Bible, they try to justify Christianity with circular reasoning, and Christianity exists only because people believe in it.

    Christianity is not the first religion, it is one among many, but no one should be condemned for believing in it.

    Concerning Homosexuality it came from the Jews who disapproved of sex in temples, and is found in the book of Leviticus amongst other disapproved acts. Concerning the Jews who condemned it, they were part of the Abrahamic religion and condemned it as they saw fit, this would indicate it wasn't God inspired but inspired by Jews.

    Concerning Christianity it has its roots in Zoroastrianism (i.e. Revelations, Satan) and has indirectly copied stories from ancient Sumer. Sumerians being polytheistic with monotheist ideas, and then comes along a weeping baby known as Christianity and it takes those stories then justifies itself as being a truth, wherein it is far from that.

  25. fozzy1962 says:

    LMAO. Such a badass! Thug life? He's about as big of a thug as Carlton Banks. There are white kids who get dropped off at tennis practice by their mommies in minivans. THUG? Yep – if this man qualifies as a thug the pussification of America is complete.

  26. Tommaso Urbisci says:

    I like how he walks away like a kid in spec-ed. priceless

  27. 8ElionAdvancing8 says:

    the media lied right out of the gate he DID NOT say they DESERVED to die because of their sexual orientation, the bible knows nothing of this leftist concept of "sexual orientation" in the bible you are either practicing acts of sodomy or you are not end of story there is no such thing as a punishment for orientation. A person who doesn't practice acts of sodomy is not a sodomite period…unlike modern nuts who think a temptation defines a human being forever. You place this massive albatross around someone neck labeling them a homo, YOU MODERN LEFTISTS place a stigma upon a man due to a passing or even a reoccurring temptation the bible does not. You do the same thing with someone who drinks you label them an alcoholic and then tell them once an alcoholic always an alcoholic and its sick,,,STOP IT.