“There is an Idea in Christianity,” Jordan Peterson “That the image of God is a Trinity”


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  1. TheArchangel911 says:

    https://youtu.be/f-wWBGo6a2w <———————————Biblical Series 1 Intro to the idea of God

  2. Friar Talk says:

    More attempts to lower the sacred to the carnal by the dishonorable willingly ignorant. Filth.

  3. Nick Gilson says:

    This man is simply amazing. He has described more of what Christianity is in seven minutes than I’ve heard in six months of sermons.

  4. Praxedis Lindsey says:


  5. Praxedis Lindsey says:

    What a wondrous man…!!!

  6. Edmund Clement says:

    His idea of rational thinking is simply put amazing and great arguments for a christian world view.

  7. Rhonda Eastland says:

    Peterson has no belief in Jesus, he doesn’t know Jesus. If he did, he wouldn’t talk around and around about him. Salvation isn’t a concept. Salvation is a ongoing relationship with the Son of God. Don’t talk and pretend to people you know all about the trinity.
    Peterson, if you want to know Jesus, directly, just ask him. Jesus will show you. Don’t lead people astray, when all the people have to do is call on his name, which is Jesus. Don’t follow this guy Peterson. He has no faith or hope for you. Only going around and around, never letting you off the hampster wheel.

  8. david noone says:

    Russia was taken over by Judaism not Atheism as such.

  9. david noone says:

    yeah the idea is only Jews get to lend money. Christ-insanity failed. Nazism is it's replacement.

  10. jipedo williamson says:

    Half this video I thought he was speaking to audience sitting in the upper deck

  11. Alex Z says:

    How do I like this video twice

  12. Garett McGee says:

    Trinity, 1st part is God, he created everything and heaven is his home, 2nd part is Jesus, he was in human form on this earth to die for your sins and save you he now resides in heaven, 3rd part is the Holy Spirit, this is the piece that is part of you, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, we are all apart of the Holy Trinity because of that.

  13. Mark Bolton says:

    I think JP does a great job of showing that you don't have to remove your brain to believe in God. There is plenty of rational support for the belief and faith in God.

    What I find interesting is, in the Bible, God commands us to love God with our heart, soul and MIND. (Matt 22:37)
    He does not ask us to have blind faith and he commands us to be able to support our belief if it is ever challenged.

    On top of that, Jesus shows the practical experience of the Trinity by explaining the heart (Son), soul (Spirit) and mind (Father). The Bible answers all questions you may have if you actually spend the time to read it AND interpret it correctly (based on logos and the language/historic factors).

  14. Anthony S says:

    Too bright for me. Sadly

  15. Rot Bake says:

    If Satan has a tongue i bet Jordan dances upon it. He shows you a map through the desert but fails to X the wells. Intellectualism is Babel. It elevates ONLY to collapse. :/

  16. Eclipse Solar 83 says:

    The rinity is the most simple thing to understand and yet most of people don't get it at all.

  17. Christoph Gouws says:

    A fallen man cannot bargain with God. His covenants are only effective in Christ and that through the Eternal Spirit.

  18. Jamie Montague says:

    I love how Peterson uses Distance form God is Hell. And distance from God is Death. He didn’t use the word ‘separation’ which is one of the biggest lies that is told about God today. That Man is ‘Separated from God’ brilliant stuff!.

  19. Richard Smith says:

    This man is brilliant.

  20. Biren Singh says:

    Man is in rebellion to God. Man's mind is at war with God.

  21. Denis Sutherland says:

    1 John 4 : 5 "This is why the source of their speaking is in the world and is the reason why the world listens to them."