Theology Is for Mission

Pastors need theologians. And academics need practitioners. Reading must inform practice. But for reading to be useful for ministry, it must be tested in practice.

As theologian Michael Horton explains in this video, theology is for mission, It is for dying people. Watch him discuss this interplay with missiologist Alan Hirsch and Timothy Keller, author of ‘Center Church.’ For more, pick up Keller’s book ‘Shaped by the Gospel,’ featuring contributions from Horton and Dane Ortlund:

The Gospel Coalition

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  1. Samuel Morales says:

    Stopped watching bcz of the audio….God bless

  2. Justin Shelton says:

    Yeah, the audio is quite distracting. It would do this video better if it could be fixed.

  3. Solomon Li says:

    I hope they fix the audio… There were problems with the other Horton/Keller video last uploaded too.