The Sabbath and the Covenants – A Refutation of Sabbatarian Theology

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  1. Shelly Blanchard says:

    If a healthier choice of food is what you think it is , that you option can have, but Jesus said it doesn't make you unclean because it is purged and goes in to draught. Eating and drink was in the old covenant. It is really better not offend someone with laws and regulations, because most everyone knows how FDA thinks about certain meats. We had rather go by what FDA thinks is healthy , and people are dying all around from food pyramid. It doesn't work for everyone. If jesus broke curse over the food and the law , then why do worry if it unhealthy or not.

  2. Shelly Blanchard says:

    In Hosea 2 God was going to cause these to cease. He did through Christ.

  3. Shelly Blanchard says:

    Hum most want to strain out what fulfilled means. They want to say what it mean something in the Hebrew and other languages trying to make is sound like you still under the law of Moses or that it hasn't made obsolete. We know if you go to a drive through and order some food that until that order is compete , you will not leave until order is fulfilled after you paid for it and served to in the in the window of the car. Same way with Christ. He did not leave until all was fulfilled in him.

  4. Shelly Blanchard says:

    The problem is most people think that Jesus commandments was the ten commandments. They can't get out of the Mosaic laws.

  5. Shelly Blanchard says:

    What Paul is saying the law itself is not sin, but trying to keep it will cause you sin if your heart is not changed by Christ. We have Christ righteousness not the law's righteousness because it does not produce life but death. Paul had a hard time explaining this to the church that the law was not sin itself or sin to keep it. We can only do it through Christ. That is why we only know what sin is only by the law. Only thing is we are not condemned under the law any longer,like we were under the old covenant.Keeping the old covenant does not make us we will fall from grace. We now have Christ righteousness and not the laws of the old covenant.

  6. redfoxgreg says:

    "Scripture" same as "Masonry" "Science" and their worship of formulations and patterns found in nature… all f'n idolatry! Bible worshipers. NOT followers of Jesus, as He is dynamic.

  7. Shelly Blanchard says:

    He put a ring on the finger of the prodigal son.

  8. Shelly Blanchard says:

    Jeremiah says he will make a new covenant with Israel not like the one he made with their fathers.

  9. Alyce Williams says:

    Blind leading the blind … Ugh I'm so sad for this . Jesus is coming soon, and millions are decieved , please be careful what you teach, the blood of those you take down with you will be on your hands :'( the bible is so clear about the Sabbath , yet you jumble it up and make so many contradictions yet your so lost you actually believe them . Please pray for humility and truth before its too late !!

  10. Eman Hat says:

    Sabbath was fulfilled in Christ. Paul made this clear. The sign of the Old Covenant faded with the Old Covenant.

  11. Pizza Man says:

    The video say church fathers when the truth is they are the Roman Catholic Church Fathers not the Biblical Church.

  12. Pizza Man says:

    Reasons why the Lord's Day is Sunday
    1) Matthew, Mark and Luke mentioned that the empty tomb was found on Sunday.
       Wrong: Matthew, Mark and Luke mentioned that the empty tomb was found late in 
                   the Sabbath. The Greek word used is "sabbaton' meaning sabbath but was 
                  translated by deception into First Day of the Week by the Sunday Believers
                  who are members of the team of translators. Nice try but caught in the act.
                  Mat 28:1 'sabbaton'
                  Mark 16:2  'sabbaton'
                  Luke 24:1 'sabbaton'

                  First day of the week in Greek is 'prote hemera hebdamos" or 
                                   'prote hemera evdomai/evdomada' which unfortunately not found
                                   in the passages of Mat 28:1/Mark 16:2/Luke 24:1
                  I am open to rebuttals. Bring it on.

    2) Jesus showed Himself to His disciples on the First Day of Week after His resurrection

        Wrong again. John 20:19 in Greek is 'sabbaton' which is 'sabbath' and 
               mistranslated again by Satan's minions into First Day of the Week in English
               Nice try but wrong.

                In all the verses that says in English as 'First Day of the Week' are all lies.
                The Greek word is Sabbaton meaning Sabbath.

    Jesus said that He is the Lord of the Sabbath in Mark 2:28. Nowhere in the Scriptures that Jesus is the Lord of Sunday. One thing for sure, the Lord of Sunday is Satan, always deceiving and always counterfeiting

    The Scriptures says the 7th day Sabbath. Satan says the First Day Sunday.

    Time to choose, people. The Lord's Sabbath vs. Satan's Sunday. Your life, your choice.

  13. Caleb Baker says:

    Catholics do NOT teach works Salvation. We are saved by GRACE ALONE. The works belong to God when we are accepting God's grace into our lives. It is by Grace that God works in our lives, which are the works that are meritorious in our lives. 


  14. Ken vansanford says:

    Lol Deut 5:15 . Lol. You guys are funny…

  15. Ken vansanford says:

    David Rhee where did you go. You try to take a shot from behind and ran?? Where are you??

  16. Marc Basis says:

    This is a powerful video; too bad you have in it that the Book of Revelation was written in A.D.95.  I know what Polycarp said; however, there's nothing in Revelation that actually points to its being written anytime after the Destruction of Jerusalem. I welcome you to visit my site: Atavist Biblical Church.  I would love to discuss this.  God bless you.

  17. Ken vansanford says:

    I see a lot post on this video saying. This is wonderful. This video is false. I'll prove it . Ok. Look at Acts 20:7 about breaking bread
    What the video don't want you to know is. They broke bread everyday . Not just the 1st day. what day did Jesus rise? Everyone is told Sunday/first day of the week . But let's look at Matt 28:1 as the Sabbath was ending before the first day. Of the week Jesus was all ready gone . He rose on the Sabbath. Lets look at the Lords day. Wow no proof that its sunday . Mark 2:28 Jesus said He is Lord of the Sabbath. People. Read the Bible .don't be told what the Bible says Gods says challenge all things.

  18. Kalvin Lee says:

    strange effect that is had on those who hold the mossiac laws, dietary laws, or holding of the seventh day sabbath; you can show them the exact writtings of Paul and early church fathers and they will in the same breath condemn anyone who holds not to the mossiac laws, dietary laws, or holding of the seventh day sabbat. They seem to hold consistent that speaking hebrew or having hebrew texts somehow justifies their contempt of any and all things held by those in the faith of christ jesus who hold not to their sayings

  19. Afrodyteee says:

    As an ex Seventh Day Adventist, I thank God for showing me His truth, and I thank God that I now have my true Sabbath rest-Jesus Christ! Since my eyes have been opened to the truth I have had a burden on my heart to tell my friends and family who are still under the law, the truth of the new covenant. I shall share this video with them in hope that someone who watches it shall receive their true sabbath rest. Thank you for this! 🙂 God bless you.

  20. SDRAmerica says:

    Please see my video named "Were the 10 Commandments Nailed to the Cross" and THEN see "Church on Sunday are you keeping the Sabbath Holy". In these videos I go over the numerous theological errors, in Sunday Keeping, and in attempting to nail the Sabbath, or any commandment to the Cross.
    God's Own Finger refutes anyone who preaches against the Sabbath. The Commandment says "Remember", and the ONLY ONE with emphasis to remember, mankind tries to obliterate. God wrote His own refutation.

  21. followjesusonly1 says:

    Fantastic video! God bless this message and may it edify and encourage all believers in Christ! AMEN!

  22. Trevor Wills says:

    Every SDA should watch this.

  23. brianhyde63 says:

    We are not erroneously declared "innocent" , or "good" , but declared "loved by God" . And as Paul asks, if God has accepted us, who can condemn us? Who can separate us from that love? (cf. Ro 8:31-35)This love from God is not based on who we are but on who God is.


    Awesome video! Every Christian should understand the Covenants in order to provide an answer to the Sabbatarian.

  25. ThundersSeven says:

    MathathYahu: Gift of Yah [“Matthew”] 7:22-23 Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your Name? And in Your Name have cast out devils?
    And in Your Name done many wonderful works?

    And then I will profess to them, I never knew you: Depart from Me, you that work *lawlessness!

  26. ThundersSeven says:

    *Strong’s G458 to fall short; miss the mark of His Turah/Instruction/translated/”Law”.
    G458 ἀνομία anomia [an-om-ee'-ah] From G459; illegality, that is, violation of law or (generally) wickedness: – iniquity, X transgress (-ion of) the law, unrighteousness.

    G459 ἄνομος anomos [an'-om-os] From G1 (as a negative particle) and G3551;

  27. ThundersSeven says:

    Lawless, that is, (negatively) not subject to [YAHUAH’S] Turah Law; (by implication a Heathen), or (positively) wicked: – without law, lawless, transgressor, unlawful, wicked.

    Prov 28:9 He that turns his ear away from hearing the Turah, even his prayer [shall be] abomination.

    As it is written, the whole world is deceived.

    Those who believe in the only brought forth Son of YAHUAH are to come out of her man-made-up religions, cults and "secret societies" lest they suffer her plagues.


  28. Aileen Rizo says:

    Thank you for this video! It is VERY well done and truly confirms my own study even deeper.