The Reliability of the Book of Acts: A Conversation with Dr. Craig Keener


Biblical scholar Dr. Craig Keener talks to the Apologetics Academy about evidence for the reliability of the book of Acts.

Apologetics Academy

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  1. Gissie D says:

    there seem to be a lot of documents that contradict each other.kadija Mohammad's wife was said to be catholic /orthodox.but now in won pedia it says she worshipped "All Uzza" a female "goddess" and Mohammad said she believed him.well she didn't beleive it was demonic like Mohammad did.
    I remember things accurately from my early child hood never forgot them.

  2. Gissie D says:

    um word prophet was saying that theology is witch craft:-the twisting if meaning of words.

  3. Formally Informal says:

    1:57:36 great defense for the 13 letters of Paul.

  4. Formally Informal says:

    Wow. This is an awesome content for apologetics!

  5. Formally Informal says:


  6. Algerie Algerie says:

    Why do the israelliens not spread the religion to the people like Christians and Muslims did the apostles enjoin them not to spread the religion to the people why did they disbelive Solomon peace and blessings be upon him is he spreading religion in India and Yemen and Africa ?

  7. materialclassified * says:

    What's your evaluation on none of the characters in the Bible never appearing in the historical records, and also, why do so many now believe that the New Testament was written by the Piso family, and Acts itself written by Arrius Piso, Justus Piso, and Pliny the Younger?