The Most Misinterpreted Verse In The Bible (Jeremiah 29:11) | Jefferson Bethke

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See Jeremiah 29:11 in it’s historical context.
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Hey all! Hope this video is an encouragement! Surrounding ourselves with context can actually bring more depth and joy to what God is saying in a passage.

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Jefferson Bethke

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  1. Brian Johnson says:

    I think it’s odd how Christians buy some concepts of the Bible as eternal, such as original sin, and then other passages are only meant for the specific time and place when they were written.

    It doesn’t seem the Bible is always being used to clearly instruct one on interpreting the world. Instead the world is sometimes being used to interpret the Bible.

    I’m not saying I’m convinced one is right and the other is wrong. I just think that picking and choosing is clearly wrong, and that seems to be the norm.

  2. keyman keys says:

    Dude slow down , talking fast does not make you sound more " Spiritual or Anointed " .

  3. Eric Tendon says:


  4. Ani Quadros. says:

    I don't agree with you at all. Gd our father is telling his child that he has a great plan etc… It is like seen my father telling my sister the same words, same promise and of course that applies for me too. Just because the promise was not address to Jefferson Bethke but to Jeremiah doesn't mean Jeff will be excluded, same Father, same promises, same effect, same love. Our Father doesn't have favoritism, that is why the Bible is here for, our father wants to show us His love and personality to all his children who loves him.

  5. chasm of sar says:

    Here is a great one to further illustrate the larger point.  The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them." This was spoken in the tower of Babel story, right before God confused the languages. My pastor used it to talk about the power of a group who is having a praise gathering. What??? We left the church, and he shortly after committed adultery, because his walk was based on a misunderstanding of scripture, not on truth.

  6. gaelicsmile says:

    Thank you, Jefferson. Well said. May God bless you and keep you in your studies and ministry.

  7. Charlene FreedInChrist says:

    This is very true! Ive seen this verse used for earthly circumstances constantly, but He is after conforming all His into the image of Christ. That could mean having all our earthly circumstances destroyed, but the "good" planned for us is Christ in us.

    Its also so true how the Lord spoke so many things to a certain people for a certain time, and thats why we all need to hear Him right now. He is still speaking, and His sheep hear His voice. He is still writing but it is in living epistles now. This is the time where His Spirit comes in us, the time of the New Covenant. We can seek His face and seek to receive His Spirit directly from Him.

  8. Everybunnyloves Somebunny says:

    Hello are you born again? Do you not know we are part of the adoption into Israel that is Gods people? So that means we can use that verse just as they did?

  9. Lorraine Laraway says:

    Plans for good and not for evil.

  10. Iluminada Williams says:

    If we cannot apply His Word to our lives TODAY, then the Bible would be just another book!
    The Bible is relevant FOR TODAY! and FOR TOMORROW! Because it is SPIRITUAL!

    This young man speaks with confidence about THE WORD of The Most High, but He needs to be careful with his Hermeneutics and STUDY MORE, guided by the Holy Spirit! Most of all, we ALL must be HUMBLE. Context and SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP are truth and reality. The Bible is His Word.

    The Bible interpret itself… we don't need "a preacher" (young or old) to tell us the meaning of a verse.

    We ALL must STUDY for ourselves to show ourselves APPROVED to God and to others.
    And yes: God can talk to any one of us PERSONALLY, using a verse in HIS WORD, directed to an individual today, in this present time!

    Here is a proof:
    Psalm 57:2 says, "I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me."

    God is God and we should NOT try to put Him in a BOX! He works all things, including your life and my life, according to His purposes. … This is key in understanding God's purpose for your life. God has numbered your days and He will fulfill every purpose or PLANS He has for you.

    May 17, 2019

  11. Franz Franz says:

    I totally disagree of this.That verse make me very happy. And then you're saying this is not for me?.

  12. calbear14 says:

    It's amazing that almost 6 years later, I circle back to this video and look at Jeff doing his thang, inspiring people to know more about God and preach his gospel.

  13. OhSoClassy LovesTheRangers says:

    Talks to fast but ok ig

  14. sugah brown says:

    Israelites are black ppl. Tea Deuteronomy 28. We went into slavery by ships.

  15. 72Yonatan says:

    Jefferson, thank you for reasoning and don't stop there – keep on walking that path until you discover that there's no way to reconcile a pagan gospel with a monotheistic Hebrew bible.

  16. Nicanor Tamang says:

    God bless you son. you did justice to this verse

  17. Danway Systems says:

    Whatever context or out of context THROUGHOUT the bible proclaim His plan for the good of the nation, people, individual… as it is in His will. If somebody in desperate situation…. Let them know… GOD IS ALWAYS READY TO HELP, CARE… What matters is our attitude… Do we have the patience like Christ being suffered in body& mind? Actually we are the one creating the peaceful environment… But Satan is clever too.. as Ephesians 6: 10 onward says. We need to fight against the principalities, rulers of the darkness…. In JesusName we have victory… Jeremiah 29:11shows the attribution, mindset of God… So be cheers in Jesus. Thank you

  18. Angela Joy Pittman says:

    I just 'happened' upon this video today and regardless of what you are saying, God has a plan for us. Not MY plan but God's plan. And that is what the verse is saying, no need to read anything into it. Sometimes we just make the Word of God a lot more complicated than it is. Of course this verse relates to a certain time and people but the promises of God still apply to HIS people. This verse does not indicate our plan it say His plan, and we don't need to be scholars of the bible to digest this and figure out this basic information. To be honest with you if we did this for a lot of the verses in the old testament we would go a little nuts trying to disconnect ourselves from the promises of God. But the basic fact here is that if it worked for that people it will work for all people who trust him and want HIS plan to operate in their lives, and there is nothing complicated about that, so it's best that we don't complicate it because that is exactly how the enemy would want us to think about the WORD of GOD, that it is complicated.

  19. Chacha Kello says:

    So this still doesn't explain why we shouldn't use Jeremiah 29:11 today. I don't get it all scripture was written in a different time

  20. Tom Revheim says:

    What has done must damage to Christianity is all Laurdship / work salvationist lier!!

    Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone case closed!

    Shame on all false Christians who call Jesus Christ a lier!

  21. David H says:

    70 years since 1948 is 2018…I believe we are in the end of days. The signs are everywhere, be ready.

  22. Black Hawk Motorsports says:

    This verse is is every where for me, my shirt says that(custom made by my friends at school), and then my book that I bought from Billy Alsbrooks also has that, and I see 29:11 alot, and also one of my fortune cookies a little while ago said 29, 11, now I hope my unit number for when I join the force will be 29:11, and I will personally ask if they can put it on my vehicle

  23. angels are in heaven says:

    I want to learn how to trust god and take a step out on faith
    How. Do. I. Do that

  24. Violet Rene says:

    This is an example of an even bigger problem and that is that we really do not know for sure how to interpret the Bible. It seems that everything is a mystery. I just try to do the best that I can.

  25. Blie Click says:

    What is the music in the background?

  26. Dap Dne says:


  27. RJ MacReady says:

    All of God's promises are "Amen" in Christ.

  28. David Whyte says:

    Sorry to say u are being too casual on this verse. From ur analogy then one can easily say the whole contents of the bible is irrelevant to our current dispensation. I believe the verse is communicating to the reader regardless of place n time.

  29. Ari M says:

    I understand there were circumstances, but for new Christians like myself you are taking hope away. Part of the reason people like this verse is to think the same things apply to them in their time of need, if he is no respecter of persons as the book says. Let the word speak to people. It has life.

  30. T Regis says:


  31. sundae says:

    Thanks for sharing this message…just want to share that God is a pagan name, muslims call their Allah "God" too. His name is Yahuah and His begotten Son is Yahusha (which means I Am Salvation)(Yahu=I Am, sha=Salvation). The name Jesus is only 500 years old and has been mistranslated. Jesus in Latin means pig. Please research for yourself and seek Him who is the Truth. YAH bless you!

  32. Rebecca Oprea says:

    It’s all about the context and meaning behind it .

  33. Michael Rehkop says:

    Hate to tell you this but Jeremiah 29:11 is not the most misinterpreted verse in the bible. The most misinterpreted verse in the bible is Matthew 7:1

  34. seek truth will set u free says:

    That's a very good point. It's just like we wanted 10 apples but God already prepared 100 apples for us already but because of impatience and being faithless we end up of doing the wrong ways. God bless

  35. yourman alomar says:

    Hi Jeff, what can you comment about the verse where it says "God qualifies the called" 1 Cor 1:28-29. A lot of people are relating this to their wants to be done even if they are not qualified. Like applyinb for a job that pays a lot even if they are not qualified.