The Most Hated Bible Verses Defended

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The Bible Way To Heaven

Once Saved Always Saved

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  1. Mattys Modern Life says:

    People are going to get one hell of a shock when God shows up and reminds all these fools in the world that yes, he does exist, and yes, he does punish the unrighteous.

    Fun times ahead boys and girls, because I think Dad's car might have just pulled up in the driveway.

  2. Quran Muhammad says:

    Once again thank you Pastor I love you.

  3. Ernesto Rafael says:

    Good are you preaching in different church or your church finally grew up and painted the awful mural, looks like a child’s bedroom that make. You looks no serious

  4. kimmisoo morris says:

    where is this church location?

  5. Stephen Hickey says:

    I am offended by what your saying I have a eye that is 85% blind and i can do anything you can do reprobate Steven L Anderson

  6. Constance Mitchell says:

    Its a shame Pastor Anderson can't evrn travel overseas because he preaches God's word against homosexuality, and many countries called that type of preaching "hate crimes" because the Rainbow lobby spreads a wide net and through them forces these countries succumb to them.

    People who continually do wrong hate to hear God's truth because they feel convicted and hate Him even more.
    Pastor Anderson is literally "under country arrest." He cannot teavel. Not too long ago it was stated that even little Jamaica turned his visa request down. I suppose the gays wld boycott the airlines and force tourists not to go there causing economic harm to the country?
    This tyranny cannot go on with the Rainbow lobby. And the ungodly is forcing God to react. Judgment is coming on those who persecute Christians.

  7. Josefa Uluivuda says:


  8. Illuminati Destroyer Bear says:

    So glad I was led to your channel brother, you're absolutely crushing.

  9. Juicelad says:

    Great sermon. Wonderful to hear that Pastor Anderson has so many children, he is truly blessed.

  10. Dean B says:

    Good on you Steven, keep fighting the good fight. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

  11. Andreas erik says:

    Who were behind the french revolution? The jews of course!

  12. Asexualnonbinary Oterkinfeminist says:

    Regilius nutjob are dirty and smell shit. They worship satan and raped children and drink blood. They like jesus because they can raped, kill and steal and always be forgiven. Those people are complete evil insane and dangerous here we spit on them in the street. They should all be killed and eliminated so they wont propaged there evil lie and mislead people into darkness.

  13. Asexualnonbinary Oterkinfeminist says:

    If those religions nutjob give attention and care to there children as much as there whorship satan it whould be a very fantastic world. TOo bad they raped and drink there blood in the name of jesus

  14. Asexualnonbinary Oterkinfeminist says:

    This church raped children in the ass, sacrifice them on the altar and drink there blood to whorship satan. Religions people are complete retarded nutjob. They should all commit mass suicide with there insane evil sect of jesus so we can be done with these crazy people.

  15. Asexualnonbinary Oterkinfeminist says:

    Your fight agains atheist is hillarous. You know here in quebec we kicked you guys out pretty fast !!! religions people are a bunch of retarded freak who love abused and raped children. Thats why you nutjob will always be laugh and spit on in the street. Here church are empty . Church let homeless sleep outside and dont help anybody but themself. Thats why we banned and demolish them over here to build usefull thing like appartment building. Jesus is fake and your magic book is just like any other disney fantasy movie. How wonder how much children are getting raped each day in that baptist evil church.

  16. Jeroen says:

    6:15 whats the point of making fun of someone with physical deformities? That seems very anti christian to me, to mock people like that.

  17. WalkingBible says:

    thankyou Pastor your bible verses is bideo so we want to there go #walkingbible

  18. James Wheat says:

    I gotta agree with Anderson here

  19. Mr. ʎuuǝʞ says:

    Gods word is tue Truth

  20. John Dennett says:

    Finally the truth is said about our society.

  21. Called To Christ says:

    Amen another great sermon

  22. ted200582 says:

    What a smart ass

  23. CM3.Redeye says:

    On the Lev 20 verses, isn't it funny that those very ppl are the same ones that say retarded & physically deformed ppl should be aborted… That dance performance sounds like a scene from Drop Dead Gorgeous, a pretty searing critique mockumentary or w/e of the beauty pageant world.

  24. Adan Roldan says:


  25. David Oslund says:

    God was talking about the Jews.


    Some people like to pick and select positive only Bible verses while never considering entire entire Bible verses not so popular like hate and affliction.

  27. Andreas erik says:

    These pages and there is even anti-theistic organization (really anti-christian organization but they cant say that). And they are mainly sponsored and helped by jews like George Soros etc.

  28. nick says:

    Hey Pastor Anderson turns out you were right about Kanye preaching prosperity gospel. He's speaking at Joel Osteen's church on Sunday.

  29. Charles Hopkins says:

    It's interesting that at 25 minutes and 20 seconds he quotes a verse stating that the natural man does not accept the things from the spirit of God they can't understand the Bible they can't understand the gospel so what has to happen first for a man to have ears to hear and eyes to see? How can a man make some free will decision as if he does understand the gospel and does understand the things of the spirit of God and then subsequently be saved? I never get an answer to this. I just get called names and everybody gets mad but the Bible says that he made us alive while we were dead and that no one can come unto me except the father has sent me draw him. All that the father gives me will come to me so there are those who are meant to be saved and there are those who are meant to be damned it outright says it. It just goes to my original point Free Will is in and of itself rank unbelief. You just do not believe the scriptures. Now it's handy when we were talking about atheist who obviously don't and who have made this list that pastor Anderson pulled off of this website. These people are spouting nonsense and everything that he is to bunking so far is correct or I should say his debunking of what they are claiming is correct. but it's handy to quote that verse when you're going against atheists who don't understand the word but what about when it comes to our own tradition and our own theology?

  30. Vely Alger says:

    I have been listening Pastor Steven Anderson for 4 yrs now and it really helps me.a lot.preaching about sin.end tines prophecy book to book chapter by chapter verse by verse..

  31. Roger [kirbydudelol] Waters says:

    Wow its shocking how easy it is to distort even God's word with out of context ignorance. Im glad u cover mainly the hardest topics. Impressive research!