The Madness Chronicles – Episode 12

In this, our 12th episode of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll take a look at the madness of the war on Christianity. Remember, madness is a state of being mentally ill, especially severely, extremely foolish behavior, and a state of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let’s take a look at a disturbing trail of mayhem set on destroying Christianity worldwide.

In Egypt, a raging Muslim man ordered all Christians to stay inside and not sit on their porches. When they refused, he began stabbing them. Umm? A Muslima in Houston, Texas, was recently hit with more charges relating to a 2015 honor killing. She is now charged with murdering her sister, who’d recently converted to Christianity. Some really extremely foolish behavior.

In China, the friendly communist regime recently began censoring the use of the phrase ‘Almighty God’ in telephone conversations. Among other madness, they daily wreak upon their citizens. They also sentenced a Christian Pastor to nine years in prison for preaching the gospel. Mistakes are punished by the commies. Like their new law requiring all Christians to pledge their faith to the communist party and nothing else. But it could be worse. In North Korea, they haul you off and torture you for being a Christian.

Bouncing over to England, the New Archbishop of the Church of England, Stephen Cottrell, announced he believes the church should adapt its views to the culture of the times. How tolerant of him. In Tajikistan, a Christian pastor was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. His crime? Singing extremist songs. I guess they’re tough on crime? In Turkey, as free as they say they are, the governments Religious Ministry, reported an $11 billion dollar budget this year to promote Islam. In a case of sheer irony, I’m sure, Christians, on the other hand, have no legal way even to build a church if they had the money. There’s some freedom of religion. In northern Iraq, the Kurdish region, the government recently authorized the production and sale of anti-Christian shoes. Believe it. They have a cross on the bottom, so people who buy them can help ‘stamp out’ Christianity. Now that is madness.

Back across the pond in America, the Defense Department recently ordered a manufacturer of dog tags to stop printing bible verses on the reverse side. Someone complained. And one of America’s oldest denominations, the United Methodists’, announced at their annual convention they were splitting the church in two. Problems? They can’t agree on ordaining LGBTQ as Pastors. So much for preaching the bible.

The Department of Defense isn’t alone in their Christian problems. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation recently lodged a complaint about a U.S. Air Force base selling Christmas candy with Jesus’ name on the packaging. The group claims that the sale of the candy shows that base is establishing a particular religion. A Florida court recently ruled a county must pay atheists who sued them $400,000 because they denied them the right to say ‘secular prayers’ at public meetings. Weird ruling, more madness.

In Boston, a judge recently ruled that the city can refuse to fly a Christian flag, although it flies other flags of that type. Finally, two weeks ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks to the National Prayer Breakfast. She took time out to call attention to religious persecution around the world. She mentioned Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists but seemed to forget Christians. I guess a Freudian slip on her part.

We live in maddening times where the only difference in the treatment of Christians here versus other places on the planet is… in America, we only assassinate a Christians character. We don’t kill them. Yet.

May we wake from this madness before it’s too late. I wish you good health and until next time… have fun, enjoy life, and watch out for the madness amongst us.

By Ed Kugler

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