The Lord's Prayer (Jackie Evancho) — Bible Survey Project

Made for a project to lead prayer in Bible class.

Benjamin Ockert

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  1. Joao Carlos Borba dos Santos says:

    Não há dúvidas de que esta é a mais linda, mais impressionante interpretação desta obra divina. Assim como a voz de Jackie Evancho também é um dom divino.

  2. ricky parr says:

    My wife and i stood right in front of her when she sang this song at ringling museum in sarasota 10 years ago,simply beautiful,will never forget,i think about it all the time.Like WOW!

  3. Waltraud rittinger says:


  4. Lorenzo Hernandez says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  5. harris nina says:

    soul stirring beautiful!

  6. Mirage says:

    Our father
    Which art in heaven
    Hallowed they be
    Thy name
    Thy kingdom come
    Thy will be done
    On earth
    As it is in heaven
    Give us this day
    Our daily bread
    And forgive us our debits
    As forgive our debtors
    And lead us not into temptation
    But deliver us from evil
    For thine is the kingdom
    And the power
    And the glory
    For thine is the kingdom
    And the power
    And the glory

  7. jackjack says:


  8. robert barnard says:

    Jackie is the only singer I have heard that makes the "Lord's Prayer" sound like a prayer.  Beautiful!!!

  9. Stephen Reynolds says:


  10. Cheryl Dee says:

    The words to not appear in time for the singer unless they know each and every word.

  11. Ruth Ash says:

    Awesome job thank you

  12. celloitsjane says:

    Can this video be used for a wedding? Credit will be given. Thanks!

  13. 程瀅芮 says:

    For The Thine is the kingdom,and the power ,and the Glory Forever

  14. Anne Nathalie Freitag says:

    Eine moderne heutige Kirche braucht einen Fernseher mit Internet.

  15. Anne Nathalie Freitag says:

    Einfach wunderschoen….

  16. Anne Nathalie Freitag says:

    Einfach wunderschoen….

  17. davekanak says:

    Great video +Benjamin Ockert  …For those that have not witnessed Jackie sing The Lord's Prayer-please watch her very first-and Imo her greatest performance that she sings at 10, on the "Jackie Evancho's Best" channel.  Listen to her tell super producer, David Foster, no she had never heard TLP sung before-but is familiar with the lyrics-because she says them every night before bed.  She then sings it like the wind.  This may be why-as she has said-God gave her, her, voice.  Jackie has glorified God with TLP, all over the world since she first sang it, closing her concerts, and it has you might say, become her signature song.  It would be awesome if you could post her DWM video here.  Bravo Jackie Evancho!

  18. Coupydog says:

    I notice this version has slight vocal differences from the PBS Concert.   She holds some of the notes longer, etc.  Otherwise, this is just as majestic & spectacular in every way.  I wish I knew where this performance was recorded?  She is out of this world!

  19. Frances Delany says:

    Thank you, Benjamin Ockert.  I am sharing with a Bible Forum and my FB page. And yes, the link is added.  Hope to see more. JUST BEAUTIFUL!  God Bless you!  😀

  20. Coupydog says:

    Now THAT was the single most beautiful vocal performance I have heard in all my years. She leaves me breathless, my word!!!

  21. Thomas Regan says:

    O my goodness!!! God has blessed this little Angel so much.
    May God continue blessing her and her family!!!!
    She is such an inspirational
    singer to me!
    Thank you Jackie for being such a blessing to this world

  22. Thomas Regan says:

    No one can match this young lady in purity of voice or beauty…I am 60 and have listened to countless singers BUT none can hold my attention like this young lady….

  23. Thomas Regan says:

    Jackie is a amazing girl.
    God bless her with angelic voice.

  24. Thomas Regan says:

    Jackie Evancho:
    She sing The Lord Prayer with angelic voice & Like a angel ..

  25. wodetube123 says:

    One of the best performances of this master piece up to now on this planets!!!

  26. pickin4you says:

    And lets not forget, this was recorded when she was still 10 years old.

  27. Thomas Regan says:

    Jackie Evancho is a amazing young girl,with Angelic voice and beautiful girl.

  28. Jackie Junkies ! says:

    Very Nice , I'm going to copy this to my Facebook page with your permission 🙂