The Image of God and Apologetics | Dr. David Wood

Reborn Church

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  1. Mr.sneakyman12 says:

    thanks for the upload

  2. Melida Only Jesus! says:

    Anthony’s laughed can’t be mistaken hahahaha

  3. Melida Only Jesus! says:

    D Wood!!! Yeahhh thank you brother!!!!

  4. Reasoned Answers says:

    "Weaponizing the Imago Dei" – what an interesting title and interesting talk. Thanks David.

  5. slvicick says:

    Great talk to end the conference. Saving this one to listen to again. I had no idea about what he mentioned in China.

  6. Love_rejoices_with_the_truth says:

    Powerful teaching from Dr. Wood

  7. שי Shai says:

    David wood should go viral , thank you for uploading, I subscribed.