The Ideology Behind Christian Clothing

The way you dress is an important aspect of how you want to portray yourself. It indicates the one’s maturity as well as belief in religious tenets. As far as biblical representation goes the dress for men and women has to be modest and not necessarily in conformity to the fashion dictate of the world. Christian clothing is about portraying humility as well as simplicity, both characteristics of a good Christian.

The main idea behind Christian clothing is that it should not expose the body unnecessarily. Also it should not cling unnecessarily to the body drawing attention to it. Not only in terms of clothing, but also in terms of appearance, one has to be modest. Loud make-up and an unkempt appearance is not in keeping with Christian principles. What you should be able to do with your appearance is stand testimony to the religion you follow.

It is important that Christian clothing not draw undue attention to the body. While the world would rather a life that is not based on the Scriptures, for a Christian life should be nothing but that. Wearing clothes that draw undue attention the woman’s body makes her equally guilty when a man looks at her lustily. Clothing should not cling to the body unnecessarily drawing attention the parts of the body.

When choosing Christian clothing it is important that a person consider how the outfit will react in different settings and different postures. This will allow you to evaluate the dress well before you make a purchase. The idea is to not draw attention to oneself and not to distract others from their attention to God.

Finding Christian clothing is not that difficult a task as there are several retail stores that you can go to. If you would rather do it from the comfort of your home, you could choose to buy outfits online. Another simple and non-expensive way to get yourself some Christian clothing is to have them tailored. Often your church or an experienced neighbor will be able to tailor clothes. You can approach them to help you in the matter. You have a group of women or men who are interested in such clothes, then getting it done in bulk will bring down the price of it for all those concerned.

Christian clothing should be representative of what you are as a person and that too a religious one. You can always set an example for others to follow.

By Marcus Murray

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