The Healing Power of the Bible

This lecture includes 5 healings in which Bible verses ended up the important in the heal. The audience will participate in discussing Scriptural names for God and the qualities connected to these synonyms. A record of specific therapeutic Bible verses will be presented together with beneficial passages from Science and Overall health. This lecture explains Christian Science theology regarding baptism, salvation, and authentic sin in a way that newcomers value and realize.

The Therapeutic Electric power of the Bible a lecture by Elise Moore, CSB. Filmed in Ennis, MT.

Ennis MT Christian Science

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  1. Delora SP says:

    Thank you so much for this healing lecture. I really appreciate the main focus being scriptures from the Bible and Science and Heath used as a help mate to the Bible… This kept me relaxed and opened to receive.

  2. Teri June says:

    When I turn on one of these wonderful lectures in the evening as I'm laying in my bed,, it has the amazing effect on me of removing all fear, and helping me to relax and go to sleep. If I fall asleep, I know that I can turn the video on during the day to listen to the lecture while awake. Because I had insomnia for over25 years, this means a lot. Thank you Elise for your awesome lecture! God is Good!

  3. julius charles walker says:

    Wonderful sharing. Thank you.