The Head of the Church | Authority in the Church | Bishops, Elders, Pastors

What does the New Testament church look like? How much authority is one man really supposed to have? Is there a difference between the words Bishop, Elder and Pastor? The bible is clear about this and in this sermon brother Kyle outlines numerous scriptures to prove that the words Bishop, Elder and Pastor are not synonymous terms though a single person can be more than one of those things at a time. We also look at what amount of authority men (plural) should have over their brethren in the congregation.

Whole Armour Baptist Church

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  1. Mike Harrison says:

    his whole "prophesy is only for prophets and doesn't apply today" is bogus, today people who are false teachers are called "false prophets". I guess he can toss out Matt 7's warning against false prophets too if that only applies to people who are making false predictions of the future.

    I'm reading through A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt. He mentioned 1 Cor 14 and how there were multiple teachers in a church, so it's not just us that think that. I don't know why they want to defend the one man show, they could just leave it alone and preach on edifying topics instead of attacking people who disagree with him about how to run a church.