The Example of Abraham, Part 2

God’s Open Door To Eternal Life Ministries
Bible Study from July 17, 2019
“The Example of Abraham, Part 2”
Passage: Romans 4;13-25
Speaker: Bro. June Gentry

God’s Open Door To Eternal Life, Inc. (GODTEL Ministries) was chartered in 1975, and the first homeless shelter was opened in Nacogdoches in January 1977. The Lufkin mission was opened in October 1983, and late in 1988 the Livingston mission opened its doors. Rev. June Gentry and his wife Nancy founded GODTEL when God placed it upon their hearts to minister to the homeless and less fortunate in their community.
The primary focus of GODTEL is to minister to the spiritual needs of the individuals God sends our way. We teach a message of practical Christianity, focusing on the basics of the Bible. Although most people come to us for help with physical needs such as housing, food, and clothing, our main focus remains to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Bible Studies are held twice a day at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, seven days a week. Bible Studies are a formal way of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On a more personal level, we conduct counseling sessions with individuals who have a deeper desire to come to know about Jesus Christ and His wonderful gift of salvation. Staff members live in our missions as well, giving them an even greater opportunity to witness to residents.
All three missions house men, women, and families. The Lufkin and Livingston missions can accommodate approximately 60 individuals at a time, while Nacogdoches can house up to 120. Residents may stay as long as they obey the rules and are continually working or seeking work. Our objective is that upon leaving they are self-sufficient and have acquired a greater understanding of basic Scriptural principles. We require our residents to be in by 9:00 pm, when we lock the doors.
All of our missions provide meals three times daily, not only for residents but non-residents as well. In an average month we serve approximately 6,500 meals throughout all three missions. These mealtimes allow yet another opportunity to witness to both residents and non-residents through the reading of Scripture and through prayer.
At our Christian Help Centers, we give away donated clothing and household items to those in need. In an average month we are able to help about 1,000 people in our communities. Our CHC’s also allow the perfect opportunity for staff members to witness to non-residents by handing out Christian literature with the items they distribute.
GODTEL is funded in various ways by individuals and organizations in and around the communities in which each mission is located. We welcome and accept all types of donations. Monetary gifts are used at the GODTEL mission in the county from which the gift was received. All items donated to GODTEL that are not directly used in our missions, such as household items and furniture, are given to local needy individuals in our communities.


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