The End of World Politics (Bible Prophecy Insights Ep5)

The Bible prophesied a very specific configuration of nations for the end times. Find out what that is in Episode 5 of this dynamic new “Bible Prophecy Insights” illustration!

Christ In Prophecy

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  1. christysgoodlife says:

    Ooh that's fancy.

  2. see_it_as_is says:

    Russia neither.. but it is part of the Gog and Megog war against Israel… Have you read the commentary at simplicityinthebible dot co…

  3. tennwalk says:

    An amazing video, well done and well said.

  4. see_it_as_is says:

    Are you so sure that Europe will be the Holy Roman Empire? Daniel 7:23 "Trample it and break it in pieces." When that going to take place?… I have an opinion… go to my blog ar simplicityinthegospel dot co and read about America in bible prophecy….

  5. Todd Parker says:

    So very interesting there are no verses when you talk about America's strength? We all know that America is no where to be found in Bible prophecy and I know that from LambLion because I read your Christ in Prophecy Journal repeatedly. Just found it interesting the others have verse references (rightly so) and America does not (rightly so since there are none). Question begs whether it needs to be said then. I know many infer that the other things coming to pass require America's downfall…