The Book of Revelation Chapter 7: A King James Verse-by-Verse Bible Study

James’ verse-by-verse Bible study of the book of Revelation consists of live Sunday morning recordings, which are also broadcasted on ETC Radio. Please note that we have made this video production royalty free, so as to allow you to forward and share with family and friends.

James N Patrick

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  1. Trina lombardy says:

    I side with james take on it..God could also mean spiritual virgins..

  2. allen schmitz says:

    my take on the 144'000 is the literal jews that Herod slew of the age of two and under all males in his quest to kill Jesus, that is the only thing that makes sence to me, if your looking for a 144,000 virgin males in isreal now you have a better chanch of finding that number of sodomites in tel avie gay parade…let alone 12 thousand virgin any thing there.

  3. allen schmitz says:

    James, tell me for real after 2000 years how a jew is going to know what tribe he is from???where do you git your information about the 144,000 male virgins, I read the AV1611 bible with no extra any things in it..please explan to me after 70 ad how the jews kept a record of there trible birth origin till 2017??..all so I would like to know were in my bible does it say the earth is a spinning globe like the masons say and explain to me where it backs up Newtons theory of gravity? in the AV1611.

  4. Ara cerz says:

    Good evening James Many blessing to you and your family. will try my best to share the gospel since I am still learning the Bible myself.  ( I am still crawling and can not wait to run). Biggest one for me is forgiveness for my enemies, I am working on that one. Prayer, Prayer and more Prayer. Again thanks James God bless Be safe Peace

  5. Bonita Jones says:

    Will that 144,000 be male virgins?

  6. Bonita Jones says:

    I believe the earth is a sphere but some say a flat circle. In Job it talks of how it hangs on nothing. He hangeth it on nothing. I don't know why it would matter other than the earth has a center ( heart) where our Saviour was for 3 days and nights.

  7. Kathy zrinyi says:

    Man technology really wanted you to get my message lol 4 times it was repeated. Lol

  8. Kathy zrinyi says:

    Sorry the earth is flat like a circle. Not round. It's dishonoring God when you put down his creation. It's flat with a dome sitting on pillars and GODS throne is sitting on top if the dome. Scientist kept us from God with the globe theory. God is closer than you think. The sun and moon orbit the flat earth. Read Enoch 72-82. Many scriptures in bible stating the creation of God. I suggest you study this further. Not being condescending just wanted you to know the Truth of Gods creation. Look at the UN map. It's flat like a Plato.