The Bleacher Bloggers Talk To God


Today, an exclusive interview with the man upstairs … God! Plus, Kansas football, Kentucky basketball and a sneak peak at the new Brad Pitt-Roger Federer BLOCKBUSTER. And we give away an Upper Deck set of 2007 Ultimate Collection baseball cards, valued at 100 dollars.


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  1. wtfrodney says:

    if god ever said whats shaking to anyone i think i would drop dead on the spot.

  2. wtfrodney says:

    true you never know. gotta say i love your guys segements your comedic genius and satire is very much appreciated.

  3. osanilevich says:

    YES!!! I'M JEW TOO!

  4. Diana Pantoja says:

    and laugh like

  5. RasecZero says:

    JAJAJA i love how you make funny of the best cartoon ever created xD

  6. Sattar Al-Rahmani says:

    wtf is this… u guys are f&$%in gay

  7. John Bach says:

    Hmm God sounds suspiciously like Santa…. hmmmm

  8. Sara Nikole says:

    i wanna gth!!!!!!

  9. Sara Nikole says:

    thx u!!!

  10. Colm Flynn says:

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  11. 100chemosabe says:

    Go to hell?!? That's why we laugh at your god! hehehehehe