The Bible Easily Explained! Genesis 6 – 9 Noah’s Ark


Today I discuss the story of Noah’s Ark and the global deluge.

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  1. varun 33 says:

    why all innocent animals and children…infants died in flood….

  2. John Baldwin says:

    Why do people think that Noah's family was the only humans on the Ark . Scripture does not say Noah's family was the only people saved . God commanded Noah to take two of all flesh , male and female . From the two of all flesh came the people we know now as the gentile nations . Noah took two of all people and races , Noah's off springs are the dark races and the aboriginals in all lands over the face of the earth . All empires up to Alexander was ruled over by descendants of Noah's three sons . Alexander was the first gentile to wrestle dominion over the earth from the off springs of Noah . That is why gentiles call him Alexander the Great . The off springs of Noah does not think of Alexander as Great .