The Best Documentary Ever!! – The Story Of Earth And Life

The best documentary to watch high and sober.

The Earth might seem solid beneath our feet but five billion years ago there was no sign of the planet we call home. Instead there was only a new star and a cloud of dust in our solar system. Over millions of years, a series of violent changes led to the formation of our world and, eventually, the creation of life.

In this photorealistic CGI epic, see how a boiling ball of rock transformed into the blue planet we know today. Explore every aspect of our world; learn how water first arrived on Earth, discover the vital role oxygen played as life forms began to evolve, and find out how land mammals evolved into dinosaurs and other giant beasts, before becoming extinct 65 million years ago.

Cutting-edge imagery also reveals how humans first began to walk on two feet and looks into the future to see what may be in store for our home over the next five billion years.

National Geographic: The Story of Earth (TV 2011) TV Movie – Documentary

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  1. kallol nayak says:

    And one day homo-sapiens will recreate the history

  2. Kerry Will Williams says:

    this is bullcrap…this is bullshit science. god didn't create the world like this.this is a theory not fact just an idea.

  3. אלון יראל says:

    That's wrong, here's the truth in this video clip.

  4. Oscar Buckland says:


  5. sachin donde says:

    Everyone knows this shit but I think 80 % viewers watched this documentary just because of its visual effects …. Bravo ….. Gonna give credit to cameramen ….awesome

  6. Gordon Ramsay says:

    This quality gave me eye cancer

  7. Windows Service says:

    commenters could we keep religion out of thish pleases?

  8. leroy lu says:

    i guess u must be a scientist

  9. Aadesh Khadka says:

    Thanks it helped me lot…plz upload more…i want to explore eit..plz plz plz

  10. Riki John says:

    this programme is full of shit

  11. Hero says:

    This has everything, must be hard work to make and animate this video, props for those who made it!

  12. Kerry Will Williams says:

    This bs…this isnt proven how earth was made nobody knows only god bc he created it.

  13. EleCtroN says:


  14. Rick Janko says:

    Imagine this documentary done by religious people. It would have lasted 5 second. "The Earth was created by God" the end.

  15. highdesertutah says:

    Except for the CO2 climate slant, I really like this documentary.

  16. Saman Dasanayake says:

    Good job

  17. Joshua Barreiro says:

    they forgot to mention the gravity of earth when the earth was young

  18. Autumn Jay says:

    After all this earth went through… we get Donald Trump, King jong un, and Hitler. Moral of the story; there's no such thing as happy endings, especially not for our poor planet.

  19. True YC99 says:

    I saw those clips in Epic Timelapse

  20. Shwetadri's View says:

    Please visit our wildlife and ecology website and download the free weekly magazine

  21. Shwetadri's View says:

    Please visit our wildlife and ecology website and download the free weekly magazine

  22. Muhammad Kamran says:

    God has told about evolution in quran
    71.13 and 71.14 What is [the matter] with you that you do not attribute to Allah [due] grandeur
    While He has created you in stages?(here God(Allah) tells that he created man in stages)
    84.19 [That] you will surely experience state after state
    quran 56.58 to 56.62 Have you seen that which you emit?Is it you who creates it, or are We the Creator?We have decreed death among you, and We are not to be outdone In that We will change your likenesses and produce you in that [form] which you do not know.And you have already known the first creation, so will you not remember?
    quran 6.133 And your Lord is the Free of need, the possessor of mercy. If He wills, he can do away with you and give succession after you to whomever He wills, just as He produced you from the descendants of another people.
    so God was one who drive evolution so he create perfect creation which is human being and in last verse 6.133 God told us if we didnt stop blood shed he can make another auceesor on earth

  23. RushZVFX says:

    This is the real Earth documentary pls pin

  24. MelodicNostalgic says:

    Now imagine 300,000,000,000 (300 Billion) videos like this.. This is the number of Earth-like Planets predicted to exist in our Galaxy around other Stars. Each Documentary telling a story of a different planet, similar to ours, Different animals, Different Climate, Different Evolution, Different Alien Civilizations which might exist.

  25. rina guptA says:

    How moon became so cold as it was damn hot at the time of its origin

  26. rina guptA says:

    Earth did not had atmosphere 3.9 million years ago then how did the meteors caught fire???????

  27. HowToSimple says:

    Hi. You’re on a rock, floating in space. Pretty cool, huh?

  28. Santos Tecksan says:

    It is so wrong this video.We are created by God , not from monkey.Everything exist is created by God.Anything else is saying,its so wrong.

  29. Seth Williams says:

    Your theory is incorrect. The earth is flat