The Amazing Bible Prophecy About Ancient TYRE! Ezekiel 26:1-14

The Example of modern ‘Tyre’, has, in recent times, been used to claim that the bible cannot be the word of God. In this video, Matt Davies (Christadelphian) takes an in-depth look at the prophecy concerning Ancient Tyre as detailed in the Bible. He examines the historical and archaeological evidence and draws some remarkable conclusions. A must-see video for those who have doubts about the validity of the scripture of Truth.

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  1. Daniel Deacan says:

    The Book Of Ezekiel is a good One

  2. helen kennedy says:

    very well explained. mainland Tyre is still in ruins to this day it has never been rebuilt….

  3. William Klimek says:

    very good overall, but the dates need adjustment as follows: the Exodus was in 1472 bc. King Solomon began to build the temple 480 years later in the fourth year of his reign, 992 bc. according to 1 Kings 6:1, 37; 2 Chron 3:2; and it was complete in his eleventh year 1 Kings 6:38 which was 985 bc. This of necessity shows that the temple was destroyed in the days of Nebuchadnezzar in 585 bc, exactly 400 years after it was dedicated; regardless of how history may date these things. More: the last deportations of the northern tribes of Israel was in 722-21 bc which is the exact midpoint from the Exodus, to the Jordan river miqveh of Yeshua as recorded in all four gospels. 200 years later, the handwriting appeared on the wall (Daniel 5) which was the transition time of from head of Gold, to chest and arms of Silver. 190 years after that, came Alexander, of apostate tribe of Dan stock, and he successfully conquered Tyre in 322-321 bc, and so effected the transition from the Silver, to the Bronze thighs and torso in the image. Much more to these things, let YHVH be true and every man a liar.

  4. Louis Thompson says:

    Tyre stands!

  5. Watchman of MKDN says:

    Alexander was Macedonian, not Greek. The Macedonians weren’t Greek. The battle of chaeronea where Philip and Alexander conquered the Greeks, was a battle between the “Macedonians” vs the “Greeks”. The historical account quite clearly refers to them as separate nations.
    The original Hebrew text of Daniel refers to Alexander the great as the “king of Javan”, not the king of Greece.
    In the book of jasher, a jewish historian, in chapter 10 verse 13 it say;
    “and the children of Javan, are the javanim who dwell in the land of makedonia”
    Javan was a grandson of noah, and an ancestor of the Macedonians, not the Greeks.

  6. Princess BrandyWyne says:

    I find it interesting the the king of tyres seems to be satan….and in the video, the first map shown…looks like a dragon.

  7. Eric Ride says:

    If I didnt know any better I would say you Watchman are 'annointed'. A very deep study indeed. Praise Yeshua!

  8. Wait until the 7th Bowl says:

    Please take Note: Sections 1 & 3 are only concerning the Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty. No period in the past. The nations mentioned in these sections are the nations gathered together during the 6th Bowl. They are mentioned against Tyre in Joel 3. They consists of Good and Bad nations. (Matt 22). The Good nations that will come against Tyre during the final Battle of the Age are mentioned in Jer 49, Jer 50, Jer 51 and Isa 13. They are the Assembly of Nations from the North that rejoice at the Exaltation of the Holy One of Israel. It is very interesting that the inhabitants of Tyre, Sidon and Gaza that are left alive after Jesus blows Fire on all those with the Mark will be sold by Jesus to Judah and then to the Sabeans of the Red Sea. (Joel 3:8) The Sabeans may have something to do with the present brought to Jesus at the end of Isaiah 13. (Ark maybe)

  9. fangaluka123 says:

    Jesus, I'm Tyred to death ,Tyred to death,Tyred to death of waiting for You.

  10. Paul Fortescue says:

    Not by man… but by men of god? Men. You lost me.

  11. Khalifa's Koffee says:

    island tyre? The islamic books mention that their dajjal or antichrist is chained on an island.

  12. phil cowbreath says:

    the bible is very clear about tyre you will never be rebuilt for I the lord have spoken ………

  13. Tirana Durresi says:


  14. Midnite Ryder says:

    The city of Caesarea, built by the evil dog King Herod in his tribute to Caesar, was destroyed by a tsunami…….land mass change not recorded in the Bible……..

  15. Millionaire Re-seller says:

    King of Tyre was brought back, reincarnated as a prostitute and her profits went to the lord. This was his punishment. Sodom will also be brought back according to scripture

  16. Nathanael Eisner, AFC. says:

    Awesome video! Thanks for the update that Old Tyre is protected, I did not know this!

  17. Sparrowcrow 2856 says:

    the Tyre people have been linked to native American Indian people

  18. Twelve says:

    Some people are saying Tyre is still there, it seems you do not understand the word "rebuilt". To rebuild is to build something out of what you previously had. For example, if I have a laptop, and it brakes, I can rebuild it and fix it, possibly even upgrade it. But if I brake it, and buy a new one, I have not rebuilt it, I just bought a new one. It is the same with the city. The walls of Tyre was thrown in the sea… the city could not be rebuilt because its walls were still in the middle of the ocean.

  19. clayton henrickson says:

    Both Tyre and Ushu (the inland so called "Tyre") have always been thriving cities, enough to be at war with countries as recently as 2006 and today has a population of around 117,000 as well as ruins from ancient tyre. The crap this guy says is a lie. Probably why he used pictures from 1930s after WW1 when the french invaded Sidon (inland "tyre") and WW2 when England took Sidon, and building was stopped but has continued. Why not a more recent pic? Because it would show he is in fact wrong. Why not mention why pics from the 1930s were used? Because it would show Tyre was at war thus still being a modern and relevant city.

  20. clayton henrickson says:

    Not only is Tyre still a popular city today, but the prophecy was only about neburchadnezzar, during his lifetime and never indicated needing Napoleon to intercede. If I bet on a fight and that person loses I dont get paid when he beats someone else, thats a different event.

  21. MrBoliao98 says:

    There is a University, how is Tyre not even rebuilt. The city has even expanded along the silted causeway from Alexander's siege

  22. Matthew Sinclair says:

    thank you for the message. I have been looking for a study on this for a while and you are the first one who has backed up your assertions with historical and archaeological evidence, with references. Good work

  23. Marra Israel says:

    This hasn't happened yet Boo…

  24. maryann pichler says:

    Jeremiah 16:19-20

  25. Gareth Davies says:

    Speaker is Matt DAVIES

  26. maryann pichler says:

    Ezekiel 26-28 it has not been fulfilled, I do hope you keep reading more with Egypt