Testing a Personal Prophecy

When you get a personal prophecy there are a number of things you can do to test it. You can see if it rings true with your own spirit. Is there anything there that does not seem true. Sometimes a prophetic word speaks about the future and what you might not think is true at the time becomes true over time.

You can check the personal prophecy with the revealed Word of God. Does anything in the prophecy conflict with what the Word of God says? This is a test that is needed by all people who receive a prophetic word. An accurate personal prophecy won't conflict with the scriptures

A third way that you can test a personal prophecy is to take it to your pastor. What does your pastor think? He knows you and your life and he will be able to discern the Spirit of God speaking. What does your pastor think of the high and lofty things that might be said in it?

I have to tell you, I have had a number of personal prophecies over my life and so far all of them have been spot on. I would ask suggest everyone test the prophecies that they get as we are told to by Paul, but I would not advise people to not seek one out for fear of getting a wrong personal prophecy.

What is the character of the prophet that you are getting the prophecy from? Is he charging money for his service? Is he demanding and trying to puff himself up in his authority rather then edifying the Lord? The character of the prophet also comes into play.

Sure, test your personal prophecies, but don't let fear stop you from seeking them out.

God bless.

By Matthew Robert Payne

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