Tell Me Something, Just Where Are You At In Life Or Your Career?


There are so many lost people in the world who do not really know where they are in life. There is no mentor, Christian life coach, leadership coach or anyone else to guide them. Of those who are aware of where they are in life, there are multitudes that are not at all happy with their present location in life. That leads me to ask several questions. Are you lost or do you know what your life’s address is? And if you do know your address, is it the address that you want?

If you are feeling lost, I must ask – do you know how valuable you are? You are extremely valuable and it does not matter what the world or anyone else says. It does not alter the “fact” that you are valuable. Lost or not, it is you who determines your personal address. Your present address might read, or

You have to first realize that you have value and that you “must” seek out and develop the gifts that make you special. Next, you have to want to be found. Unless you want to be found and rescued, chances are that you will never be found. It is a choice that only you can make, so please make the choice to be found and rescued. After that you have to put forth the effort to be found and rescued. Wilderness survival guides tell us, that if we are lost, to put up or lay out a signal so that others may see it. This way rescuers will know that you are lost. At this point, someone can come to your rescue.

The same is true if you are lost in life. You need to let people know, so that they can come to your rescue. So put in the effort and put up or lay out the necessary signals to attract the attention of responsible mentors or Christian life coaches. There are several Christian life coaches who can help you if you are lost among life issues. A good Christian life coach can change your address from to or from that of or to that or

Now to the questions of if you know your address and if this is the address you want to be at. Let us take the first question. Do you know your address or does it presently read I teach orienteering to boys and young men. They are able to find there way by using a compass and a map. However, before they start – they must know where they are and where they want to go. The same is true in life and the business world. In order for you to get anywhere, you must know where you are and where it is that you wish to go.

So where are you at? Being at is not a good starting place. So first things first, take some time to sit down and evaluate where you are. Take into account where your passion is, your talents/skills, and your education/training. It is important that you take the following to heart:

o Your passion is what motivates you. What you are excited about doing and drives you to do more each time you act upon what you are passionate about.

o Your talents and skills are your special gifts which can help you advance and act upon your passion.

o Education and training will enhance both your passion and talents/skills. Once you have an understanding of these things, you will know where you’re at in your life.

Once you know where you are – – you are ready to tackle the last question – where is it you want to go? First determine what you want to do with your passion in terms of your career and/or your life. Set specific steps you want to take to get where you desire to be. Take these action steps one at a time. As you accomplish each step, it will motivate you to take the next step and the next until you have arrived at your goal. You will need to determine the best way to apply your talents/skills to assist you in bringing about your goal. Part of your action steps should be how you are going to use your talents/skills to bring about your goal.

You will also need to improve upon your talents/skills through training and/or education. A good mentor or accountability partner that has been along the road that you want to travel can be a big help. Likewise a Christian life coach or leadership coach is also extremely helpful. A good coach, with the skill to guide you, can take you where you are passionate about being. If your passion is positively and correctly feed, then you will increase the probability of finding the happiness and fullness in life that you desire. Your address might then read something like moses@theredseacom, or

By desiring to be found (by a mentor, life coach or leadership coach), by determining where you are and by taking a well planned journey you will likely be quite happy where you will find yourself. You will have answered the questions – am I lost, where is my life’s address, and is this where I want to be? The only thing is to be diligent and consistent in keeping with your action steps and goals. Diligence and consistency along your journey will lead to the right answers which will bring you success. And who knows, your personal address may yet read

Copyright 2006 Stan Lewis

By Stan Lewis MA

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