Sunday Mass | 22 AUG 9:30 AM (AEST) | Holy Family Church, Doveton

Sunday Mass | 22 August 9:30 AM (AEST), from Holy Family Church (Doveton), Australia with Fr. Michael Payyapilly VC.

9:15 AM – Daily Mass
9:30 AM (Sunday) – Sunday Mass
6:45 PM (Sunday) – Sunday Healing Mass, with Adoration
6:45 PM (First Friday of the Month) – Divine Australia’s Night of Worship, with Praise & Worship, Holy Mass, Talk and Adoration.

All times are AEST


Divine Australia

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  1. Dan Silva says:


  2. Maria Maria says:

    Amazing mass! God bless you!

  3. Maria M says:

    A blessed birthday to your Dad Rev.Fr. He is indeed blessed to have such a lovely son of God as his. May the Almighty shower His abundant blessings on you and your family for all that you are to Mother Church

  4. Marie Stella says:

    After a hectic, tiresome day I sat down to attend today's Sunday Eucharist at 10 pm to give my wholeself into the Holy Eucharist and was delighted to hear your homily on Jn 6:60-69 very 3 v.specially

  5. Valsa Jose says:

    A lovely homily….so well explained…on a scale of one to ten you're at eleven! May the good Lord shower his abundant blessings on your Dad & grant him peace & happiness in the years ahead.

  6. Cecilia Paul says:

    It’s a blessing to not know it all and know it takes grace to understand, and until then we wait. Praising God for sharing this to one and all.

  7. Linda Felix says:

    What a wonderful homily. Very touching. God bless you always Fr. Michael.

  8. Sharmila Dissanayake says:

    Wishing your father a very happy Birthday. May god bless him with 100 more birthdays. And we all thank him for raising a good son. Blessings to you and your family from Sri Lanka.

  9. Madhu Ekka says:

    Happy birthday to dear Dad, and thank him for godly upbringing of you all, his beloved children.wishing him manifold blessings of God,.And thank-you for enlightening us with your simple examples to understand the scripture, God bless you always.Love

  10. Blossom Coates says:

    Thank you fr. Michael for the very practical sermon. Happy birthday to your dear dad. May God bless him & yr mom for giving the Lord such a wonderful son.

  11. Blossom Coates says:

    Lord Jesus I place on the altar during this Holy Eucharist, in the chalice and on the patten my daughter, my husband and myself. Lord please take away addiction that is there in us and bring us closer to You. Thank You Jesus.

  12. Blossom Coates says:

    Lord Jesus I offer this Holy Eucharist for the soul of my brother Olvin Fobler. Lord please forgive his sins and grant him eternal rest with You in heaven.

  13. Aramita Dsouza says:

    happy birthday to your dear Dad Fr.Michael.I can imagine what a wonderfulfather he is.Praise God.Amen

  14. Bernadin Ekka says:

    We thank you God for bringing your words to us through Fr. Michael and enlightening our hearts and minds

  15. Dilani Perera says:

    Wishing your Dad a very Happy Birthday Fr. Michael. May God shower his choicest blessings on him.
    Greetings from SriLanka.

  16. Tina Kelath says:

    Prayers for the Christians in Afghanistan. Lord hear our prayer.
    Lord my intension I pray for this. Lord hear my prayer. Amen

  17. goretty george says:

    Happy birthday dear Fr.Michael to your beloved Dad!

  18. Fatima Mascarenhas says:

    Happy birthday to your Dad Fr. Michael , May theLord bless him n keep him in good health to see you grow in the ministry of the Christ

  19. Casendra Pereira says:

    Have a blessed birthday Fr. Michael's dad and have wonderful Sunday.

  20. Mary DSouza says:

    Love , blessings , prayers for long and healthy life to your Dad dear Fr.Michael . Thankful to Almighty for giving us a wonderful priest like you .Can't afford to miss your homilies with examples. May God bless your Parents abundantly.

  21. Dudley Dcosta says:

    Happy Birthday to the Dad of Fr.Micheal.
    Very good proclamation of the Readings also. Praise God!!

  22. Brigitte Berg says:

    Thank you for the beautiful service Father Michael, and to all those who support you, Bless you all. Please wish your father a very happy birthday, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. Even though you may be a little homesick right now, know that you are in our prayers and that you are most loved and appreciated. Be blessed and comforted.

  23. Shama Jayawardena says:

    Happy birthday God bless you and protect you