You may be going through a long, enduring trial that seems like it will take you just as long to come out, but God doesn’t need a lot of time to bring you out of your troubles. He can bring you out in a moment. God is the God of sudden breakthroughs, victories, and miracles.

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Pastors Sean and Aimee Pinder

Sean Pinder

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  1. bgable12 says:

    I love your preaching, you encouraged me through a major time of trying and testing last week, you are so encouraging, Thank you for taking the time to encourage us and help your brothers and sisters. I was feeling discouraged and ready to give up when I came across your videos and watched them for a couple days and had a break through of faith.

  2. Fiona Smith says:

    I need a sudden breakthrough, and a supernatural turnaround.

  3. Erica Lightbody says:

    I am getting hired this week. I receive this word in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thank you Pastor Sean.

  4. Trina Pyron says:

    Pastor Shawn thar sound like me… I'm praying for a breakthrough In my finances. In Jesus name Amen

  5. Trina Pyron says:

    Pastor i need god to do it for me right now!

  6. Trina Pyron says:

    Pastor i need god to do it right now!! I need it like yesterday!!

  7. Yvonne Williams says:

    Thanksgiving I Heavenly Father I Yvonne call upon you to heard and answer my pray to you but frost I want to said good morning to you in lord Jesus I love your in I give your the glory and praise this morning ask I watch and listen to pastor Sean this morning we come until into agreement with you lord Jesus in we ask you lord Jesus for a suddenly breakthrough not only for me but for everybody that watch and listen to pastor Sean tonight lord Jesus you said ask and you shall reciverit done to my father which are in Heavenly heaven lord Jesus I ask you for a suddenly breakthrough a miracle financial breakthrought my back is up against the wall in I call upon you lord Jesus for your help and favor today and turnaround lord Jesus the taxes is due on the house in I don’t have the money to pay it and I recover letter from them please lord Jesus help me less bless me with the money ai ask in need to pay the taxes on the house save my house lord Jesus giving me favor with you lord Jesus and favor with me n turn it around and my favor lord Jesus give me the desire of my heart relief the tension stress worry and fear off me I worry about loss my house not have no where to live lord Jesus I ask in your name of a suddenly breakthrought turn it around in my favor today give me lord Jesus the victory today thank you lord Jesus for heard and answer my pray amen

  8. brandon flowers says:

    I am free from mental cursed illness. Thank you JESUS CHRIST for the precious man evangelist pastor Sean pinder and his beautiful wife

  9. Debra Augustine says:

    I received it in the name of Jesus hallelujah amen

  10. Debra Augustine says:

    I received it in the name of Jesus hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah amen

  11. Rebecca Ramos says:

    Financial breakthrough and debt cancellation in Jesus name….Amen

  12. Ella Warren says:

    Replayed Need A Urgent Breakthrough Prayer Sudden Miracles in Jesus name!

  13. Mary Donovan says:

    Pastor l need God to do it now mary

  14. Blessed says:

    We decree and declare that we come in agreement with you in the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior AMEN

  15. sharon b says:

    I have been Blessed since I've been listening to your video I caught the holy spirit and my worry fears and anxiety is subsiding I'm so thankful that I been delivered from corrupt communication and everything else that tried to torment me Hallelujah Praise God Amen!!!

  16. Evanildes de Lima says:


  17. Sally S says:

    AMEN in Jesus name.

  18. Patrice Brown says:


  19. Jaime Ruben Lopez says:


  20. Ms Grace Ravuru says:

    Yes n Amen

  21. Ms Grace Ravuru says:

    I do

  22. Ms Grace Ravuru says:

    Thank you Jesus

  23. Ms Grace Ravuru says:

    Praise God Hallelujahhhhhhhhhhhj

  24. J.Santiago Oica says:

    I agree in Jesus name amen and amen

  25. Sando F says:

    Please Lord turn it around, turn it around, turn it around Now!! Desperately need my breakthroughs and miracles. Hear me Lord!!!!!!

  26. Valerie Williams says:

    Good morning, pastor Sean and pastor Amies and your family. Praise the Lord God for this word. Amen

  27. Arianna 26 says:

    Please pray for me and my family for financial breakthrough for a JOB, GOOD job, No more get fired from jobs. Thank you Jesus name.

  28. Nadine Williams says:

    financial breakthroughs and academic success

  29. Shine Zen says:

    That words is for me….i will receive a new TURN A Round..Nothing will ✋ stop me

  30. Shine Zen says:

    I will live and not die…i will live abd not die to declared the work of mother will live and not die to fmdeliverd the work of god in Jesus not not a quitter in jesus name…amen

  31. Shine Zen says:

    Turn it around lord..turn my situation around lord..
    turn it around lord in jesus name..amen