Studying Cavemen feat. Heidi Baker | Hiding in Christ | Coach and Joe Ep99

Coach and Joe sit down again with Heidi Baker of Iris Global to discuss the necessity of finding God’s approval higher than man’s and keeping your heart constantly hidden in the cave of intimacy.

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Coach and Joe

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  1. B H says:

    Amazing word

  2. Fransina Norval says:

    Oh Bridgeway thank you, so tired after travelling for hours on hours through the Australian desert and in my hotel room I look for something to watch instead of turning on the tv… I love chad and Joe and to have mama heidi, added to it, what a blessing, spiritual rejuvenation, water, I thank the Lord that out here where there is no fellowship, there is the wonderful privilege of connecting with real, like minded, spirit filled and so sound in all their ways, believers.

  3. Green Eyes says:

    thank you for your encouraging words. I have been a fan of Heidi Baker for many years, she is truly filled with the Lord's Spirit. By the way I was referred to your channel by a friend of mine here in Charlotte, NC who has attended your church a few times. Great message! You have a new sub.