Statue of Liberty Found in Bible Prophecy


Moved from Book 1 to Book 3: The Fall of Babylon the Great America, by Michael D. Fortner.

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  1. Deneen Sanders says:

    Who has read the bible that dont get the whore of Babbalon is the statue of liberty. I have read in context

  2. Patriot 805 says:

    I Don't Get it ?

  3. Phoenix Phoenix says:

    (vision of statue) Revelation 17:4-5,15,18
    (vision of September 11,2001)Revelation 18:2-3,7-11/Revelation 18:15-19,21
    New York under water -Revelation 18:21

  4. Michael R Marak says:

    I read zechariah 5 but did not understand before I saw this video.  I am quite positive about this discovery & revelation.

    The two women could be America and France; ephah could the water this woman (statue of liberty) sitting on; and Shinar as base is simbolic pointing to New York in America, the Mystery Babylon.

    Physical Shinar is in Iraq (Babylon). But in Zecharia 5 prophecy, Shinar is in America. Which is a clear indication that Mystery Babylon is America, which is to be destroyed. Come out of her.

  5. davinci says:

    The whore of Babilon with six horns representing six continents…666

  6. hornox4life says:

    These words can be explained in a multitude of ways

  7. someone says:

    a Robotic voice? I'm against robots and robotic voices, and It's good(for me) to know this, if i didn't know it, if this is one of the truth's behind this specific Idolatry-statue.

  8. Terri Sue says:

    it is princess diana….statue of liberty is baphomet the horned hemaphrodite with both sexes hence why they started the gay agenda….she had a penis yes she was a man…..with a sex grand huh? stand for something or fall for anything

  9. Euna Anada says:

    am i the only one who thinks that the voice here sounds like pink sheep

  10. Travis-2313 says:

    I just ordered your book on Amazon. I too see no pre trib rapture, America as mystery Babylon, the 2 witnesses as not just 2 people etc. I'm grateful for your videos. Our channel Critical Christianity will start posting videos this week, sharing Gods grace, calling out darkness, marital advice and sharing end time truths from Scripture. God Bless!!

  11. bond servant says:

    I wish people especially those who want to teach the Bible and its meanings would read in context and understand. The woman in the ephah is taken to the plain of Shinar.. it is a direct reference to the end time Beast kingdom and lawlessness being unleashed on the world… be Bereans folks

  12. wisdom of daniel says:

    Greetings okmedia. WE ARE BOTH ON THE SAME PAGE. I beg you to watch my 2 short (3 min) videos of THE STATUE OF LIBERTY referenced in Revelation 13 and 17. TIME IS SHORT !!!

  13. Ome LMBO says:

    Makes sense to me.
    Very interesting video, thanks!