Stand Strong


There are many in this world that face this similar situation and as a battered woman at one time I met many along my path.

I had a neighbor and she and I became good friends and had much in common. Especially the dreadful night that my husband was beating on me and I rushed over to her home for help. Suddenly, I paused at the door as her husband was beating on her.

I not only suffered through this, I watched other’s and wrong it is.

Why is it that love sometimes hurts and why is it that when one gives their whole heart the other person breaks it?

These are questions that I have asked myself numerous times throughout my life, as I always had enough reason to question.

Was it me, did I do something wrong to deserve black eyes or for him to tell me constant lies? Furthermore, was life supposed to be me crying all the time and living this unhappy life? Why is it that this man of mine hurts me all the time?

Sad to say, there are some women that do not walk away from domestic abuse and I did. However, it left a lasting effect not just emotionally but physically on the left side of my body. It is such a terrifying experience to go through, as one trembles in fear when their husband walks through the door. I never thought of myself as this strong person and most times sure felt weak, as I crumbled to the floor.

I certainly became tired of this person with their swinging fist constantly in my face. When I looked over at my children that were more frightened than I was. At that moment, I stood up, facing the wicked storm head on and he soon walked out the door and many tears were shed, as our nightmare was finally over.

Furthermore, I stood my strongest to make sure that this never happens again and turned our once upside down life completely around. Soon the daily frowns disappeared since I took control and faced my biggest fear. It might be the hardest thing one has ever done, nevertheless, in the long run it is worth it to not be struck down and feel like your trapped with no way out and living in daily fear.

You do come to realize, I am tired of being pushed around and it is time to turn the table around.

I hope and pray for other people living this way, that the domestic violence goes away, as my heart goes out to you all and remember stand strong since that is what I had done and it has been a few years now without living in fear, as the domestic violence finally left our home.

By Laura Lee Fall

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