ST. JOSEPH'S Catholic Church History in Macon Georgia
ST. JOSEPH’S Catholic Church HIstory in Macon Georgia is a new video uploaded through YouTube channel blessings427. This is a brief look at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Macon, Georgia from the exterior and some of its history and architectural influences. RT 02:01 #Macon #Georgia

Here is a fly over drone’s view of St. Joseph’s in Macon (double spire), across from the First Baptist Church of Christ, I’ve been told. This drone video is by another producer, Chris Dunn.
And here is another Drone view by Andrew Cerny with emphasis on this church:

The church interior is shown in this video by Carolyn Wright.

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  2. Kenneth Lawrence says:

    …. are you using the soundtrack from kerbal space program?

    also, the first church in the slideshow is first baptist church of christ…