Sola Fide? Questioning doctrines

It’s the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant reformation. Lately I’ve been questioning and researching core doctrines. I talk about this in the video. I’ve been a Christian for almost a year now and I’m also now taking a step back from catholic prayers as I’m leaning more towards The Grace Movement which you can learn more about in the videos below if you are interested. I’m still a “non denominational” Christian and my videos, website and products can basically be read/heard/viewed by anyone of any Christian denomination. I’m still learning and studying scripture, church history, early church fathers and doctrines. God bless!

Two Gospels? (Kingdom or Grace) –

Mid Acts Dispensation Rightly Divided info –

Pauls Gospel –

Adrienne Dumas

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  1. Jo Jo says:

    Sounds like you’re doing the right thing. Waiting patiently and following the guidance of God who speaks to your heart. Jesus Christ the One True Son of God, king of kings, king of heaven and earth who is One with the Father will guide you and keep you. Ask Him to direct your path and to keep you in His loving care. X x x