Sikhs Make History at Mile Hi Church #SikhsAtMHC

Rev. Shannon O’Hurley’s video on the Turban as a Symbol of Peace and Safe Harbor accumulated close to 200,000 views in 48 hours. Her talk here on women’s equality also speaks the truth. Together, with the Colorado Sikhs, we are making history. Watch here! September 4, 5:30pm Mountain Time

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  1. Malkit Singh says:

    Sikhs r great

  2. Jimmy Dhillon says:

    Sikhs were first to talk about HUMAN RIGHTS…

  3. Sandeep Bajwa says:

    God is not Man or Woman in Sikhism., it is Niranakar i.e. formless, genderless and cannot born or die.

  4. dan cane says:

    Why these days every where is women's rights , women's this,women's that.Let me tell you that a good woman doesn't need anything and she automatically gain her respact surrounding herself ,, my mom was one of them and great example still entire neighborhood miss her and my dad waiting to leave this world so he could join her.

  5. Miss Kaur says:

    Thanks for sharing. Salute !!!

  6. dr zone says:

    awesome…. sikhs are great….

  7. Fateh singh says:

    Koi plz eh videos hindua d gulaam kutte media te chla deo plzzz

  8. Param Singh says:

    why do we make a discrimination among the women who give the birth to all the universe

  9. pahar singh mann says:

    Where can I find full video? Provided Link leads to "page not found" error. Thanks

  10. dan cane says:

    What is this? If you wear Christ lord it happens automatically,,i think you are teaching genderism,, dont teach from another scripture. So many references available in the bible about woman should give those reference in front of congregation

  11. Tajinder Singh says:

    All the things r right and appreciatatble but not Call Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib G Maharaaj a holy book.

    Hw anybody feel when somebody say Guru Nanak Dev Sahib G Maharaaj a holy body.

    Even if they don't want to call Guru then say it Scripture not book.

  12. DK77 says:

    Not a single of the ten Gurus was a woman. That says it all. Case closed.

  13. #MYSIMRAN. INFO says:

    Search my # or i will sell my soul to devil.

  14. Surinder Deol says:

    Hnji kithe hun jo sikh dharm bare galt bolde avi sun lo sharm kro oye jo india ch reh sikh dharm baarre galt bolde o (eh desh desh na hunda j pita dashmesh na hunda)

  15. Navneet Singh says:

    For more info abt sikhi check out basics of sikhi channel

  16. Roshan Singh says:

    In every religion given equal rights to man and woman, except Islam. I think u are idiot and who here they also.

  17. Truth, Balance, Oneness says:

    I love sikhism but only understood the holy text via the youtube channel "Nanak Naam" produced by Satpal Singh Ji.

  18. Devinderpal Singh says:

    This is called accepting the truth without any discrimination, but in India people live in denial. They have forgotten Sikh Gurus, thousands of Sikh warriors (Men and women) and they clearly deny their selfless sacrifices which make me sad

  19. Baljinder Sidhu says:

    Whr cn i find full version of this video.

  20. Paul Films says:

    Sat Sri Akaal!!!!

  21. Harman Harji says:

    So Kyo manda akhie jit jame rajan

  22. Abhi Raj Singh says:

    Nice speech.. Tnks madam

  23. kstarr14 says:

    why call her bad? from her, kings are born.. WJKK WJKF

  24. Manpreet manna says:

    shri guru granth sahib g not a guru of Sikhs.'s a guru of whole world…there a writing of Muslim and Hindus gurus who meet with God in guru granth sahib g also…

  25. Gurdev Singh says:

    wahaguru ji

  26. baljeetd says:

    Rev. O'Hurley has touched on something typical in Sikhism: namely that it is theologically more pure (meaning more compatible with contemporary global humanist values) than the other religions. It's a good religion in that sense.

    Strangely, regrettably, such virtues do not seem to be promoted by Sikhs. Ironically, maybe that's because they don't have an authoritarian, hierarchical system of clergy.

    Also, regrettably, many Sikhs themselves do not quite comprehend how significant this "modern/pure theology" is, and hence do not live up to true Sikh values. For example, sometimes they forget that it is a "feminist" religion, if I can call it that. I think that's due to other influences – such as prevailing societal values.

    In effect I'm an atheist, but it's great to see the Reverend helping Christians to continually adapt and improve, however that happens. I'm all for people who seek to maximise good and minimise evil.

  27. Parbhushan Singh Sidhu says:

    Waheguru Ji kirpa Karn sarbat da Bhala Waheguru Ji Bless All

  28. Swedish Meatballs says:


  29. Zeus Hercules says:

    amazing speech…..

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